5 easy tips for improving your intuition

Your intuition plays an extremely important role in making choices. You often feel deep inside whether or not something is the right choice, but not everyone is always aware of his or her intuition. Therefore, here are some tips to improve your intuition.

Actually, you should see intuition as a kind of built-in compass: it tells you which direction you should go in your life and so it can give you that little push in the right direction if you have doubts about something. Here are some tips to improve your intuition.


1. Be present in the here and now

You can do this very easily by focusing on your breathing. If you do this very concentrated, you don’t actually have time to think about anything else. You switch off the outside world, as it were. This way you can sharpen your intuition, because you are much more aware of your subconscious mind and what you feel deep inside.

2. Write down thoughts that just come to mind

Your intuition is actually the first thing you feel and what comes to mind. Sometimes it can only fade into the background a bit, because after those initial feelings, more analytic thoughts come to mind as well. It is therefore very important to become aware of the first thoughts that come to mind: try to write them down immediately so that you can think about it again and reflect on it afterwards. If you do this regularly, your intuition will improve over time.

3. Sleep on it

The expression ‘sleep on it’ does not just come from anywhere, it really works. Especially with complicated issues, so many thoughts can sometimes come to mind that you can no longer see the wood for the trees. At such times, it is important to write down all your considerations, sleep on them and make the decision the next morning that feels best.

4. Choose with your heart

Feel your heart when you have to make choices. Are you unsure about anything? Then ask you what the best choice is. Put your hand on your heart and feel at a choice what feels best and follow that choice.

5. Concentrate on an object

Pick an object you like to look at. For example, a beautiful shell that you brought with you from a holiday. Look very concentrated at this object for a few minutes and then write down how you felt when you looked at the object. Did you find yourself in a different state of mind? And if so, where did you notice that? Did you also see certain images when you looked at the object? Write these images down.

If you repeat this exercise regularly, you will relax and make contact more easily with the images in which intuitive feelings are often expressed.

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