5 reasons why chicken soup is healthy


Now that it is getting colder outside, it is wonderful to make a large pan of soup. Pea soup, tomato soup and of course chicken soup should not be missed in that list. The latter is often seen as a remedy for a cold, but why is chicken soup so healthy?

We list 5 reasons why chicken soup is healthy.

1. Chicken contains immune-enhancing substances

Chicken – and therefore chicken soup – contains carnosine. This substance also occurs naturally in our body and helps the immune system to fight against viruses and bacteria. Is that convenient now. In addition, this substance helps to reduce irritation and inflammation, so that your irritated mucous membranes become somewhat calmer. As a result, your nose and throat may feel less congested after eating chicken soup.

chicken soup
chicken soup

2. Chicken soup is packed with vegetables

Of course, everyone has a different recipe for chicken soup, but traditionally it contains a lot of vegetables. Carrots, leeks, celery and onion, just to name a few popular examples. And that also makes chicken soup very healthy of course. There is, among other things, a good amount of vitamin C and vitamin K in these vegetables, as well as a lot of other minerals that our immune system can use well, especially in the winter.

3. Chicken soup helps with weight loss

Do you want to lose some pounds? Even then it is best to put chicken soup on your menu every now and then. Research shows that people who regularly eat soup are healthier and consume fewer calories than those who do not. A cup of chicken soup is low in calories, fat and carbohydrates, but it is filling. Of course it is best to go for a chicken soup with a lot of vegetables, but be careful with adding vermicelli and omit cream as well. It is also better to go for a homemade version with less salt, so that you do not retain moisture.

4.The broth has a moisturizing effect

In winter we often drink considerably less than in summer, but even on a cold day you need at least one and a half liters of water to be well hydrated. A cup of soup can contribute to this, because by eating chicken soup you naturally get a lot of liquids. Then choose a type of stock that is not too salty to keep it healthy. A homemade chicken and vegetable broth is best. If you are going for a stock cube, it is best to opt for a low-salt option. And do you have a cold? Then the steam from the chicken soup can also help you open up your stuffy nose.

5. It gives you a warm and cozy feeling

That chicken soup is healthy because it makes you feel warm and cozy may sound a bit strange, but there is an explanation behind it. Chicken contains a relatively large amount of the substance tryptophan, dietitian Sandy Allonen tells WebMD. This is an amino acid that aids in the production of serotonin, our most important happiness hormone. That makes for a happier and cozy feeling. Especially in combination with the heat that chicken soup gives off and the nostalgic feeling that many people get from it, the soup can therefore be healthy for both your body and your mind. Enjoy your meal!

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