5 surprising facts about Christmas that you probably didn’t know yet


Are you looking forward to Christmas months in advance? Maybe you also know everything about these atmospheric days. Of course it is always nice to find out even more about the holidays. Did you already know these five facts about Christmas, for example?

Like how expensive the most expensive Christmas tree ever was.

1. Sinterklaas was there before Santa Claus

Have you ever noticed that Sinterklaas and Santa Claus look suspiciously alike? That is no coincidence, because Santa Claus originated from the (older) tradition of Sinterklaas[1]. Santa Claus also has characteristics of Father Winter and Father Christmas. Santa Claus owes his outfit to Coca-Cola. The company advertised ‘Santa’ in it, and that’s been its regular look ever since.


2. A Christmas tree was already set up in the 16th century

We set up a Christmas tree because it should be. But where exactly this tradition comes from is not entirely clear. One theory is that pine trees were used in medieval plays. Those pieces took place on December 24, which was considered a holiday to celebrate the creation of Adam and Eve by God. That’s why apples were hung in the trees. The use gradually shifted: the trees disappeared from the scene and were placed in private houses. The apples held up in some places: in Germany, many people still hang apples in the tree at Christmas.

3. The chance of a white Christmas

Like other years, many are wondering if we will have a White Christmas this year. Of course, opening the front door and stepping out over a white blanket has something atmospheric and especially during the holidays! Unfortunately, the chance of a white Christmas in the Netherlands is not that great. This is because the temperatures are above freezing, which prevents the snow from developing.

A white Christmas this year?

The chance that a lot of snow will fall in the west of our country is 5 percent. In the north of the country the chances are slightly higher; here the chance is 10 percent. Between 1900 and 2015 we had eight Christmas days with a lot of snow. The last time we had an atmospheric white Christmas in the Netherlands was in 2010. That was a while ago. Also this year the question is how cold it will be around Christmas and whether we can set our footsteps in the snow.

4. The most expensive Christmas tree in the world

The most expensive Christmas tree is in the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). The tree is thirteen meters high and costs 8,000 euros. That is not so bad, you would say. But the decoration in the tree is different. It is worth a whopping 9.3 million euros. There are therefore no ‘normal’ ornaments in the tree, but all the Christmas balls are made of real diamonds. This Christmas tree will therefore be a very beautiful eye-catcher in the hotel.

5. Most relationships die two weeks before Christmas

A study that analyzed data from Facebook found that most relationships end two weeks before Christmas. The fewest couples break up during Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Because that is of course ‘the most wonderful time of the year’.

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