5 surprising health benefits of bell pepper


We all know that healthy eating is important. Enough fruit and vegetables, enough fiber, carbohydrates and healthy fats … But did you know that it is also a smart idea to eat bell peppers more often? There are numerous health benefits to it.

For example, there is more vitamin C in a bell pepper than in an orange.

Source of vitamin C.

Let’s start right away, because the high dose of vitamin C in bell pepper makes it an incredibly healthy vegetable. Especially now that the sun is shining less and viruses are lurking, it is therefore advisable to add paprika more often through your salad or pasta. With half a red pepper you already get more than the daily recommended amount of vitamin C.

bell pepper

Nice skin

This vitamin is not only good for maintaining a s terk immune , because vitamin C is good for your skin. Vitamin C ensures that your skin produces enough collagen. This is a structural protein that is part of your skin, which ensures that your skin remains firm and strong. Buying expensive spreads is therefore not necessary, eating a bell pepper more often can already work wonders.

Weapon against cardiovascular disease

But there’s more. Because when you regularly eat bell peppers, you also protect yourself against cardiovascular disease. That’s because there is naturally a lot of potassium in the brightly colored vegetables. A higher potassium intake can help to keep your blood pressure healthy, which significantly reduces the risk of such diseases. And it also contains many antioxidants, which contribute to keep your heart and blood vessels healthy.

Better absorption of iron

Even if you suffer from anemia, you would do well to eat bell peppers more often. Not because there is naturally a lot of iron in the vegetables, but because the high dose of vitamin C in it helps to better absorb iron from other – mainly vegetable – foods.

Low in calories

Finally, when you’re on the line, bell peppers are a smart choice. They won’t help you suddenly see a lower number on the scales, but they do make an ideal snack. A bell pepper contains few calories: 32 each. Serve with some slices of cucumber and hummus, and you have a delicious, responsible and light snack.

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