6 more things you can do with dishwasher tablets


If you thought that you can only use dishwasher tablets for clean dishes and in the dishwasher, then you are wrong! The tablets turn out to be very useful for many more things around the house.

Handy: you use dishwasher tablets even more for this

1) Remove yellow spots from white T-shirts

Those yellow sweat stains in the armpits of your white shirts: where did you get it? And above all: how do you get rid of it? Four ways, including with a dishwasher tablet, to make yellow stains disappear like snow in the sun!

Dishwasher tablets
Dishwasher tablets

2) The quick way to clean the fryer

There are several ways to clean a deep fryer. For example, you could clean the inner pan, basket and lid with soapy water and washing-up liquid. But that takes a lot of time. Or you can get started with a special cleaner for deep fryers. But they are usually not cheap. The quick way is to use a tablet. Here you can read what to do.

3) Clean the oven rack

You probably also know them: those chores in the household that you prefer to skip and therefore never actually do. Cleaning the oven rack is certainly one of them. While with this trick it is very easy and a piece of cake. You can do it with loose washing powder, like in this video, or you can use a dishwasher tablet for it (tip from a reader for cleaning an oven rack).

4) Expel the gourmet air

There is really only one drawback to gourmet food: that bad baking smell in your living room the day after that cozy dinner. Would you like to have breakfast in a fresh living room in the morning? Immediately after gourmet, put a pan with water and a dishwasher tablet on the low heat. This immediately gives a wonderful scent to your home. Here are more tricks to make gourmet smells disappear.

5) With brown deposits in the teapot

You can get plastic tea or coffee cups fresh again by dissolving a Steradent tablet or a dishwasher tablet in warm water in the cup and allowing it to stand for a day. Repeat if necessary, says Rosti Mepal, producer of plastic cups and crockery. This is also a handy way for cleaning your teapot.

6) In case of caked pans

You can also clean a burnt pan with dishwasher tablets. Add this to the pan with a little water and let it boil for a minute. You can see this, and four more ways to clean your old pans.

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