6 tips to get rid of Fogged car windows


Now that it is getting colder and more humid outside, you will soon suffer from fogged car windows when starting the car. Of course you cannot safely drive on the road with that, so how do you get rid of those fogged up car windows as quickly as possible?

We give you six tips.

Fogged car windows

If it’s cold and wet outside, your windows will fog up more quickly. Cold air stores less moisture than warm air. Especially at night, the moisture that enters the car through clothing and shoes condenses on cold windows. Fortunately, you can easily do something about this.

Fogged car windows
Fogged car windows

1. Remove debris from drains

Your car’s drainage channels – between the windshield and engine head or at the back of the car – can become clogged with dirt and leaves. If the rainwater cannot drain by then, there is a chance that it will end up in your car. So make sure you keep the drainage channels clean.

2. Let moisture out

Make sure you do not have the ventilation on recirculation mode, but that the ventilation channels are open. Otherwise your car will not be bled. Also turn on your heating, because warm air absorbs more moisture than cold air. It also helps to open the windows in between to let the moist air out.

3. Turn on the air conditioner

Some people only use air conditioning to cool down in the summer, but it is also very useful in the winter. Air conditioning removes moisture from the air in a more effective way than heating. In any case, it is good not to turn on the air conditioning only in the summer. If you use it regularly, you will prevent bad smells and bacteria build-up.

4. Keep the car dry

Have you had a heavy rain shower? Then put your wet coat in the trunk so that the upholstery of your seat does not absorb the moisture. If you have a parking lot or garage where it is dry, open the window afterwards for some ventilation.

5. Use a dehumidifier

You can buy special moisture-absorbing products – such as a moisture absorber or special pillows – to dry the damp indoor air. Cat litter in an old sock might also help.

6. Shampoo against the windshield

To prevent vapor deposits, you can rub a little cleaning agent or shampoo on the inside of the window. But not too much, because then of course your view of the road will also blur.

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