7 things that are at least as bad as physical cheating


One already sees intensive texting with another as cheating. The other believes that that limit is only reached when physical contact takes place. But there are more things that are harmful to your relationship than falling into bed with someone else.

On the social media channel reddit.com, users have responded to the topic ‘things that are as harmful to your relationship as cheating’. Health bas lists a number of them for you.

1. Lying

It may be obvious, but lying-in love is really out of the question. Small as the lie may be, it can eventually grow into something big that will stand between you. After all, chances are that your partner will doubt everything you say if it turns out that you have ever lied. So be honest and don’t hide things.

Physical cheating
Physical cheating

2. Bringing your partner down

Reddit.com users say that looking down and putting down your partner is even worse than physical cheating. This affects someone’s self-confidence in such a way that it can bother him for a long time. Even when the relationship ends, the person in question can still walk around in pain for a long time.

3. Manipulate

When you are completely in a relationship, it is difficult to recognize when you are being manipulated by your partner. But do friends sometimes tell you that you are not in a healthy relationship? And that it seems like your partner is manipulating you? Then try to pay attention to that. Who knows, there is more going on than you realize …

4. Jealousy

There’s nothing wrong with a little jealousy in a relationship: almost all of us prefer to keep our partner to ourselves. But love must be based on a good relationship and on trust. Are you wrongly accusing your partner of cheating? Then that is just as bad as actually sharing the bed with someone else. Especially if you make those accusations more often when there appears to be no reason for it.

5. Stubbornness

A relationship is a matter of give and take. And unfortunately, you cannot always agree. That’s why it’s important to compromise. Of course, it may take some time (you will probably both stick to your own point of view at first), but really try to reach a happy medium. If you fully stick to your position and your partner eventually tackles or vice versa, it will eventually sting. And that probably does your relationship more harm than good.

6. Keep your distance

Not showing affection, avoiding in-depth conversations and so on: avoiding any form of the other and keeping your distance can raise doubts. These in turn cause suspicion and cracks in the relationship. And those kinds of cracks can eventually even lead to fractures.

7. Stay together to stay together

Is the cake finished, but are you staying with your partner because you have a house together? Are you really only together for the children? Or, much less in depth, because airline tickets have already been booked for a trip that will only take place in six months? Take the plunge if you really have nothing more than friendly feelings for each other. That’s fair. It is even more painful when one finds out that the other is actually holding him or her on a leash or feels nothing for his or her partner anymore.

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