8 handy hacks with aluminum foil


We all know that aluminum foil (or silver foil) is a useful help in the kitchen. You can use it to package food and it is also handy for the barbecue. But did you know that you can do many more things with it?

Here are 8 handy hacks with aluminum foil.

1. Cleaning the oven rack

If you want to quickly clean your grid after baking, aluminum foil offers the solution. Make a plug of the foil and scrub it vigorously along the grid. Bet the worst dirt is now gone?

2. Sliding heavy furniture

Do you have some heavy furniture that you want to move on your carpet? Wrap the furniture legs with a few layers of aluminum foil to make it easier to move them. Note: foil can scratch wooden or cast floors, so only use this for carpet floors.

aluminum foil Paper
aluminum foil Paper

3. Polish silver

Can your silver use a cleaning? Then aluminum foil offers a solution. Line a plastic bucket with aluminum foil, the shiny side visible. Place the silver in the bucket, add fifty grams of washing soda, top it up with 3.5 liters of boiling water and let it stand for 15 minutes. The foil attracts the deposits on the silver, making it easier and better to clean.

4. Scare away birds

Would you like raspberry, blackberry bushes or grapes in your garden next season? Then chances are that birds have already stolen the fruits before you can take your chance. Prevent this by cutting some silver foil into strips and hanging it from the branches. This way you can easily scare the birds away.

5. As a funnel

Do you need to pour something? Then you can make a funnel yourself with some aluminum foil. Fold aluminum foil into a cone shape (use many layers) and fit the tip exactly (squeeze some) to the size you need. Rolled too tight? Then you can cut off the bottom tip.

6. Iron it

Aluminum foil reflects heat, so you can iron away unwanted folds in clothing faster. So, as standard, place a roll of aluminum foil next to your ironing board and place it under the ironing cover for optimal results.

7. No more hard brushes

Are you working on a painting project? Then wrap some silver foil around your brushes when you put them away. That way they stay soft and you don’t have to clean them every time with turpentine or spirit. You can also ‘mask’ doorknobs with it, so that no paint is spilled on them. Handy, right?

8. Soften brown sugar

Has your brown sugar crumbled into a hard lump? Wrap it in aluminum foil and put it in a medium warm oven for five minutes. The sugar becomes soft and scoopable again.

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