A Critical Look at Dairy Products


As is well known, the paleo diet is all about eating what was already there in the Stone Age. So why not drink milk?

There are many possible answers to this question. I would like to share the most important ones for me with you. First of all, it must be stated that humans are the only “animals” who drink milk in adulthood. Especially when you consider that milk is of a different kind.

Dairy Products-Milk
Dairy Products-Milk

Drinking milk is therefore not at all natural. We haven’t always drunk milk either – Europeans have only tolerated milk in adulthood for around 7,000 years. Lactase, which is necessary for the utilization of milk sugar, was only produced in childhood (as is still the case today in Asian regions).

But now back to the present. Around 100 years ago, a dairy cow gave 3 to a maximum of 5 liters of milk a day. Today we are at around 50 liters! This only works with concentrated feed (maize, largely genetically modified).

Grown in former rainforest areas) and antibiotics, which are supposed to prevent inflammation in the cow’s udder. Due to this enormous burden, dairy cows usually have to be slaughtered after 4-5 years. Thus, with our milk consumption we not only contribute to the clearing of rainforests, but unconsciously take medication every day that has proven to make us resistant in the long term, which can lead to massive problems in the event of illness.


“But milk is so incredibly important for our bones.”

No. It is true that milk is high in calcium, which is important for human bone density. But how much milk does the cow drink? Do you produce these amounts of calcium without drinking milk? Yes, namely through a “healthy” diet through grass and vegetables. So humans have the same possibility.

In an extremely interesting report, the Swiss radio also reports that milk is one of the most important allergens and that consuming too many dairy products is even associated with certain types of cancer.

Finally, a peek into the kitchen: What can we use instead of cow’s milk? I mostly use coconut milk, which is very healthy and nutritious due to the high proportion of coconut fat. Of course, there are also dishes where the coconut taste would be disturbing. In these cases I make my own almond milk (sweetened with a little honey) or occasionally use sheep’s milk from organic farmers.

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