Are expensive bras really better? Expert answers honestly


Bras are available in all kinds of sizes, fabrics, colors and prices. For that small piece of fabric that is usually covered under a lot of clothing, you often pay the main prize. But is an expensive bra really better than one from a cheaper clothing chain?

Do you pay for the brand, or is there a real difference in quality?

Good bras are often expensive

It is of course nice to treat yourself to a new set of lingerie every now and then, but the prices vary considerably. If you go to a lingerie store, you will often lose ten times more than if you look at a cheap chain store in the underwear department. RTL Nieuws investigated and spoke to independent lingerie expert Fabienne Zwanenburg. She explains that there are two reasons why good bras from lingerie stores are often so expensive. Firstly, it depends on the quality of the substances and secondly on how those substances is used.


Quality of the fabrics

While you can score a cotton bra just as well at a cheaper clothing store as at a lingerie store, there is a difference. Brands in the high segment only use the cotton threads that do not have balls. The remains of that cotton go to the cheaper clothing brands and are used for bedding, for example. There is also a difference in quality in other fabrics such as Lycra. That means you pay more.

Pay for the residue

The second reason good bras are often so expensive is the way the fabrics are used. Such a beautiful lace trim on your underwear, for example, is put on in such a way that the rest of the lace can no longer be used. So you also pay for that residual material.

More expensive bras have a better fit

Good bras often cost more money, but do have a better fit. That is because with good and therefore more expensive bras more construction and a lot of different pieces of fabric are used, sometimes as many as 46. Such a bra consists of straps, side panels, underwires and therefore fits a lot better. In addition, with good bras the patterns of the fabric are mirrored and more cutting waste is created. That residual material cannot then be reused.

More expensive, but also more sustainable

So there is a heftier price tag, but a good bra will last a lot longer because of all that precision work. As a result, you can see it as a sustainable purchase in addition to an expensive purchase. And if you want to invest in new lingerie, make sure you have the right size, otherwise such a bra is really expensive.

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