Bananas are particularly popular as a snack between meals. Of course, they are also used in other ways in the kitchen, from fruit salads to side dishes for meat dishes.

Fruit bananas (= dessert bananas) are characterized by their high sugar content, which is why they also taste very sweet.

Plantains, on the other hand, are not as sweet and have a more floury consistency. They are part of the staple food in numerous countries.


There are a total of around 1,000 types of bananas – including, for example, the vegetable banana, the red banana or the banana mas, which taste similar to nougat.

Info: The annual per capita consumption in Austria is around 11 kilograms of bananas. This makes the banana the second most popular fruit (after the apple) in Austria.


Bananas originally come from Southeast Asia. They prefer a tropical and subtropical climate and therefore grow mainly around the equator.

The main cultivation areas include Brazil and Ecuador, but Honduras, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica are also of great importance for banana cultivation.

Info: A banana tree (= banana tree) only bears fruit once and then dies.

Normally, bananas are harvested when they are still green and then ripen during transport, in so-called ripening chambers, before they are sold. This does not harm the quality or the nutrients contained in the bananas.


In the tropics, bananas are harvested all year round. The cultivation is specifically controlled so that harvesting can always be done somewhere.

You can recognize a high quality banana by its skin and its cut. If a banana already has bruises in the supermarket, you can be prepared for the fact that the banana can be slightly mushy inside.

The interfaces should be sealed; otherwise the pulp will dry out relatively quickly.

Storage & durability


Bananas are best stored at room temperature or slightly below, but not in the refrigerator. The tropical fruits are not used to the cold and are sensitive to it by staining the skin and losing the taste.

Tip: If you have bought a green banana, you should store it together with an apple or tomato (they release ethylene gases), as these accelerate the ripening of the banana.

Ripe bananas will last around 5-6 days if properly stored.

Why is the banana crooked?

Quite simply because the fruits grow towards the sunlight. But there are also banana varieties that are currently growing.


Ripe bananas have a pleasant, sweet taste. If they are still slightly green, they can have a slightly sour note. In addition, the pulp is even firmer at this level of ripeness.

As soon as the banana is slightly overripe and the color turns dark yellow and the first brown spots appear, the flesh becomes sweeter and sweeter.

Use in the kitchen

Fruit bananas are the perfect snacks for in between meals and on the go, especially since they can be peeled quickly and easily without tools.

Fresh fruit bananas are just as good in fruit salads and juices as they are in muesli, yoghurt or milkshakes.

Plantains are primarily used for cooking because they are not that extremely sweet. They are made into jam or used as a sweet component in stew dishes with poultry.

Bananas are also suitable for baking and roasting.

Info: The yellow fruits are also often dried in a self-drying machine and thus preserved.

Nutritional value / active ingredients

  • Bananas consist of almost three quarters of water and one fifth of carbohydrates. They are therefore the perfect energy supplier for in between.
  • But they also contain A, B, C and E vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium, niacin, iron, potassium and folic acid.
  • Bananas are great food for sick people because they are easy to digest and at the same time provide a lot of energy.
  • They also have a detoxifying effect.
  • The immune system can be strengthened through regular consumption of bananas.
  • PMS can be reduced in women.
  • Bananas also help relieve diarrhea and constipation.
  • The heart and blood vessels are also protected.

Info: 100 grams of banana have around 90 kilocalories and 23 grams of carbohydrates. The normal weight of a banana is between 100 and 135 grams.

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