Coconut oil in your coffee? People swear by it for this reason


Coconut oil in your coffee is said to work wonders for your health. It doesn’t sound really good, but the taste seems to be okay. Moreover, the advantages are so great that you can probably get over it.

For example, you get extra energy and a better metabolism.

Coffee trend

There is a real coffee trend among athletes and CEOs of large companies: Bulletproof coffee. This coffee brand adds healthy fats to their coffee, which is said to have all kinds of health benefits. Unfortunately, the brand is also very pricey, so many people go for the cheaper do-it-yourself alternative: coconut oil.


Coffee and coconut oil

The recipe is simple: make coffee as usual and add two teaspoons of organic coconut oil. Stir until the oil has completely melted. For the best result, choose filter coffee and then mix it with the oil in a blender. The coffee will have a creamy taste and will be even better if you add a little sweetener to it.

Extra energy boost

Adding a little coconut oil to your coffee will give your coffee all kinds of additional health benefits. This would give you extra energy, because coconut oil consists of natural and healthy fats. These fats are converted into energy in your liver, instead of being stored as body fat. This will make your first cup of the day even more invigorating.

Faster metabolism

In addition, coconut oil stimulates your metabolism. Because you have more energy, your body is able to burn fat faster. From research at the University of Geneva showed that people burn those one to two teaspoons of such fats consume about 120 extra calories a day. In addition, coconut oil also makes you feel full longer, so that you have less appetite and snack less during the day.

Cons of coconut oil

Finally, the fats in coconut oil are good for your immune system, because they contain lauric acid. Lauric acid is used to treat viral infections and viruses. Still, not everything is positive: there is a chance that the coconut oil will lead to an increase in cholesterol because of the extra fats. In addition, you can be allergic to coconut oil, so test it first by applying a little coconut oil to your skin.

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