Did you know you can freeze these 7 foods?


If you have leftovers from dinner, chances are that you will freeze them for next week. This way you save money and prevent food waste. But did you know that there are many more products that you can keep in the freezer? You can also freeze the 7 foods below.

1. Cooked pasta

It remains difficult to measure the right amount of pasta you need. You often end up with a large amount of pasta that ends up in the trash. A shame, because if you stir a little olive oil in it, you can freeze it. That way you don’t have to cook as much pasta next time.

Dairy Products-Milk
Dairy Products-Milk

2. Milk

Milk products do not have a long shelf life. After a few days, the milk will turn sour and you can throw it away. What many people don’t know is that you can freeze dairy products. Once frozen, they can be kept for up to six weeks longer.

Vegetable chips
Vegetable chips

3. Chips

It sounds strange indeed, but chips can also be kept in the freezer. Here’s how it works: put the leftover chips in a freezer bag and wrap in foil. You can keep the chips for weeks. When you want to eat it, leave it on the counter for a while. Your snack will be deliciously crispy again in no time. You can also freeze crackers and nuts in this way.

4. Cheese

There is a good chance that you will buy larger pieces of cheese, because this is price-wise. However, it can be difficult to finish the cheese before the expiration date. No problem, because you can store cheese in the freezer. Soft cheeses keep well in the freezer for about a month, harder cheeses up to six months.

5. Cookies

You can, of course, keep cookies in a cookie jar, but they often become slippery after two weeks. When you wrap them in cling film, you can keep them in the freezer for up to six weeks. When you defrost the cookies, they will be as crispy as they were six weeks ago.

Health benefits of avocado
Health benefits of avocado

6. Avocado

Usually, half an avocado is enough to invest your cracker with. You keep the other half in the fridge and throw it away after a week. A shame, because you can freeze the green fruit. Here’s how it works: mash the leftover pieces of avocado and put it in a freezer bag. This way you always have the basics for guacamole at hand.

7. Herbs

It can be quite a challenge: storing fresh herbs. They often turn brown in the refrigerator between wet kitchen paper and often dry out in a jar. The solution is actually very simple: you can store your fresh herbs in the freezer. Rinse the herbs under the tap and then gently pat them dry. Place them on a plate and cover the herbs with foil. Once frozen, put them in a freezer bag and put them back in the freezer until you need the herbs again.

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