Do you know your handwriting says about your personality


Do you still have that neat handwriting as you learned it in primary school or does yours look more like the illegible scribbles on a doctor’s note? This is what your handwriting says about your personality.

Separately or together, in block letters or completely skewed: you can read more than five thousand different personalities from your handwriting.


Your handwriting and your personality

Okay, we will not list them all for you, but on the basis of a few parts in your handwriting you can already analyze a lot about your personality. For example, by your writing pace, how you dot the i’s and the way you hold your pen when you write.

Writing pace

Do you like to write quickly? Dan says that time is precious to you and you don’t like to waste it. Do you like to take the time when you have to write something down? You may have guessed it: then you worry a lot less about time.

Size of the letters

Does your handwriting consist of large letters? That would mean that you are also more extravagant in terms of personality, but also outspoken and social. Do you write medium size? Then you can often concentrate well and you are extremely focused. In that case you can also adapt well to different situations. Do you have small handwriting? Chances are that you are a bit introverted and shy, but also eager to learn, accurate and focused.

Press your pen

Do you often press your pen hard when you write? Then it may have to do with anger and tension. Rather, holding your pen lightly and sliding it across your paper should mean that you are more sensitive and have greater empathy.

Graceful or sleek

How elegant or sleek your handwriting is also says something about your personality. Quiet, intelligent and curious people often write pointedly, while creative people often have a much rounder and more elegant handwriting. Connecting your letters very much would mean that you always think carefully before making decisions and work systematically.

Space between the words

Does your handwriting consist of large spaces between words? Then that would mean that you are very independent and freedom is very important to you. If you write your words close together, then you are a real group person. You prefer to be in the company of others and cannot be alone very well. You may even have the tendency to force yourself on people.

Slope in handwriting

Do you often write your letters leaning slightly to the left? This can mean that you value your own personality a lot, but often stay in the background a bit. Doing this while you are right-handed can indicate rebellion. When your letters lean to the right, it can mean that you are open to new experiences and people. And when your handwriting is straight, it says about your personality that you are very practical and do not let feelings lead you.

The dots on the ‘i’

How you literally put the finishing touches on the ‘i’ also reveals something about your personality. If you put them high above the letter, you often have a greater imagination than others. If you often put it just a little to the left, you will often experience procrastination. If you put your dot exactly above the letter, it indicates that you are an organized person.

Closed or open ‘o’

If you always leave the circle a little open when writing the letter ‘o’, it would mean for your personality that you are outgoing and very social. Do you always close your round neatly? Then that would mean that your personality is a bit more closed.

How do you write the ‘y’

Do you write the letter ‘y’ with a short tail? Then that would show that you have a lot of friends you want to be close to. If you give your ‘y’ standard a longer tail, it would indicate that you enjoy adventure and travel.

The letter ‘L’

Do you just make the lowercase letter ‘L’ a dash with a thin loop? Then that would mean that you put a lot of restrictions on yourself. When you make the ‘L’ with a big curve and loop, you should be a relaxed and spontaneous person.

How to write the letter ‘S’

Do you make your ’s’ very round at the bottom? Then it could indicate that you like to please other people and avoid conflict. When you make the ’s’ pointy, you would be curious and eager to learn. And the higher and more pointed the peak, the more ambitious you would be.

Your signature

Do you have an unclear sketch? That would mean that you don’t like to expose yourself. You have a somewhat more closed personality. Do you have a clearly legible signature? That indicates that you are confident.

Place on the page

If you write more to the left on a page, it could show that it is difficult to let go of the past. If you lean more to the right you would fear the future. If you write all over the page, it would mean that you can hardly relax; you would rather not sit still.

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