Do you sleep with a bra on? Then watch these things


Some people swear that sleeping with a bra on helps against sagging breasts, while others disprove this theory. In addition, some prefer to sleep without, because it feels like a harness, while for others it is a lot more comfortable with a little extra support. Opinions are divided on this, but do you like to sleep with a bra on? Then pay attention to these things to keep it as healthy as possible.

For example, can you use your sports bra as a sleeping bra?

Sleep with the right bra on

If you like sleeping with a bra on, it is important that you choose the right one. Otherwise, it can be really unhealthy. For example, a bra that is too tight can cut off circulation to your chest and back, causing back problems. In addition, it hinders the blood flow to your breasts and the lymph nodes around your breasts and armpits. Your lymph nodes are important for the removal of waste products and can attack harmful substances with white blood cells. If you sleep with a bra on, choose the right fit and the right fabric.


Soft and breathable fabric

Covering your breasts with a piece of fabric day and night can cause skin irritation. That is why it is important that you choose the right fabric. Choose soft and elastic materials and fabrics that can breathe well, such as cotton. Lace and frills on your bra are nice for the bedroom, but when it is time to really sleep, it is better to exchange those types for a somewhat simpler version, because otherwise you increase the risk of skin irritation.

Loose fit

It may be obvious, but a bra that is too small, push-up padding, tight straps and underwires aren’t ideal for sleeping. Besides the fact that it can pinch your breasts and cause complaints, stinging underwires, hard harnesses and tight bras are also at the expense of your night’s sleep, because you cannot lie comfortably. So opt for a looser, non-wired fit without padding.

Choose a different bra than during the day

Over the course of the day, a bra collects a lot of sweat, dirt and bacteria. You might not see that with the naked eye, but that’s why it’s not that chilly to dive into bed with the bra you’ve been wearing all day. So always choose a clean one. This way you keep the risk of skin irritation as small as possible.

Don’t wear a sports bra

With a non-wired bra, you may soon reach for your sports bra. Still, it is better not to use these as pajamas. That’s because most sports bras are very tight. And that is very useful when exercising, but it can cause a risk of pinching while sleeping. So really opt for a looser version than a sports bra.

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