Do you want to wash your cat?


If you’ve ever tried to bathe a cat, you know this is no fun at all. Fortunately, cats are very hygienic by nature and there is no need to bathe them regularly. But what if your cat really needs a wash? How can you best approach this and perhaps more importantly: how do you get rid of this without any problems?

We give a few useful tips here!

Why you shouldn’t bathe your cat too often

As we said, cats are very hygienic by nature. They wash themselves several times a day, eliminating the need to wash them regularly. But if your cat is very dirty, has fleas or is unable to clean itself due to an injury, it won’t hurt to give him or her bath. Therefore, here is a handy step-by-step plan.

Pick a quiet time

The timing of the wash is extremely important. If you are going to wash your cat when it is very busy or hungry, you can set the clock so that your cat will struggle a lot. So try to do it at a time when he is calm and take it easy yourself. Don’t do it if you actually have limited time, as your cat will sense when you are stressed and this will only add stress to your cat.

wash your cat
wash your cat

Trim his or her nails

If you don’t feel like being completely covered in scratches and scrapes afterwards, it is wise to trim your cat’s nails before bathing. In any case, it doesn’t end in a bloodbath.

First brush

Do not forget to brush your cat’s coat thoroughly beforehand, so that you do not suddenly run into knots while washing. For example, if soap gets stuck here, it can again cause skin infections. And of course you don’t want that.

Prepare an anti-slip mat

In any case, it is better to wash your cat in the sink or in a large tub than in the bath. If you have a smooth surface (such as in your sink) then it is really better to place an anti-slip mat there. If they slip during the wash, it will only add to the chaos and stress, so do yourself a favor and get a non-slip mat.

Fill the sink in advance

Did you know that cats can get very stressed from the sound of running water? Therefore, before your cat is in the bathroom, make sure you have already filled your sink or tub with water beforehand.

Use a washcloth

Use a washcloth that is slightly warm to wash your cat’s ears and head. Avoid using soap and try to keep this area dry while washing.

Use a cup for the body

Fill a cup or container with water and scoop the water in here. Then slowly empty that over your cat’s body. Start with the tail and then slowly work your way forward until you reach the neck. Make sure the temperature is warm, but not hot. Basically the same temperature as you would bathe a baby in.

Use a shampoo without perfume

Did you know that cats are very choosy when it comes to scents? Therefore avoid hassle and just use a shampoo that is not scented. Massage the shampoo very gently into the coat and start from back to front again.

Rinse your cat well

Since soap leftovers can cause skin irritation, it is very important to rinse all shampoo from your cat’s coat. So rinse your cat’s fur well with water while trying to say reassuring words and phrases to your cat.

Dry your cat very gently

Chances are that your cat is completely through it by now, but don’t just let him or her go. Grasp your cat firmly and dry him or her gently with a dry towel. Make sure your cat is mostly dry before it takes off.

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