Empty egg shells? You should never do this with it


Busy in the kitchen? Then it probably sounds familiar to you that when you need an egg, you can easily put the empty eggshells back in the box. Seems harmless, yet this increases the risk of salmonella bacteria. We will explain how that works.

From now on, throw those empty eggshells into the trash immediately.

Empty egg shells back in the box

Just put your empty eggshells back in the box, we are all guilty of that. But there are people who then put away the box with the rest of the eggs, including egg shells. This will not only stink a lot, but your eggs will also become sensitive to cross-contamination. Eggs can infect each other with the salmonella bacteria. And for that, the egg doesn’t even have to be broken.

Empty egg shells
Empty egg shells

The salmonella bacteria can be found on both the inside and outside of an egg. Placing your empty eggshells with a few more raw egg scraps next to a whole egg can spread bacteria. It is therefore not only important to throw away the empty eggshells immediately from now on, but also to wash your hands thoroughly before you continue cooking.

Reuse egg cartons

Do you have an empty egg carton and do you want to reuse it for new eggs? You better not do that either. The material is not easy to clean, which also increases the risk of cross-contamination of bacteria. And it would be a shame if your fresh new eggs get salmonella from the carton of your old portion of eggs. So do not only throw away the empty egg shells, but also the empty boxes immediately.

Eggshells for the garden

Do you still want to get something extra out of your empty eggshells? Then throw them on the compost pile or use them in the garden. Sprinkling broken eggshells on the bottom of your plants will keep snails at bay. In addition, it also helps in the cultivation of tomatoes, peppers and eggplant to prevent a calcium deficiency. This makes the vegetables less likely to rot. And for the rest of the garden, the nutrients in eggshells will enrich the soil, so that your plants grow better. 

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