Revealed: This is the expiration date for tampons


Although it is useful to have a supply of tampons, it is better not to keep them for too long. Tampons also have an expiration date.

According to gynecologist Alyssa Dweck, it is wise to throw away tampons after five years.


Fungi and bacteria

“Tampons are made from cotton, a fabric susceptible to fungi and bacteria,” explains Dweck. According to the gynecologist, it is therefore important to keep tampons in a cool and dry place, so that bacteria and fungi can settle less well. So don’t keep your tampons in hot and humid places, such as your bathroom.

Look at the packaging

Do you think your tampons have passed the expiration date? No worries. As long as the packaging and tampons look good, you can still use them for a while. If the protective plastic cover is damaged and has debris stuck to it, you better throw the tampon away.

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