Highly intelligent people have these 7 qualities in common


You have smart, gifted and highly intelligent people. All three bright, but with substantial differences. Do you think you might be highly intelligent? According to experts you will recognize yourself in (one or more) of these seven properties.

A gifted person has an IQ of 130, but it is often difficult for him to keep up in class as a child because he learns in a different way. Highly intelligent people pay close attention in the classroom. Gifted people are often dreamers, while highly intelligent people have both feet on the ground. Are you highly intelligent? Find out below.


1. You follow your heart

The higher a person scores in terms of empathy, the higher they climb the ladder in terms of verbal ability. In other words, empathy, which is part of your emotional intelligence, and understanding, which is part of your cognitive intelligence, are interrelated. If you follow your heart, then you also follow your mind.

2. You like to be alone

Highly intelligent people are chasing themselves and are happy to do things on their own or to stay at home. From research shows that smart people with high IQs are less satisfied with their lives as they often meet up with friends.

3. You are curious about everything and everyone

Being very smart does not mean that you are in the books every day. But highly intelligent people are more curious than average. Despite the fact that they like to be alone, they want to know everything from who, what, where, when to why – whether it concerns people, cultures, animals or history.

4. You are silent

Highly intelligent people don’t brag about themselves and don’t like to be in the foreground. No, they are quiet and attentive and observe all kinds of details. Having that ability, in a crowded space, is an art.

5. You have a lot of self-control

If you are highly intelligent, there is a good chance that you also have a good portion of self-control. This means you think before you act and make informed decisions.

6. You have an elephant memory

Your memory and intelligence have a lot to do with each other. Do you have good short-term memory and can you focus for a long time? This means that you are cognitively flexible and can therefore easily pour into different information at the same time. Definitely a sign of high intelligence.

7. You are absolutely not a control freak

You might think that highly intelligent people like to be in control, but the opposite is true, according to experts. This in turn refers to your flexible cognitive ability. Is something happening that you did not see coming? You adapt easily and think of other roads that lead to Rome. So, you think fast and solution-oriented. Typical high intelligence.

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