How often you should turn off your phone?


Do you always panic to the charger when the battery of your phone is at 1 percent? Or do you leave it in the charger all night? Although it is understandable that you cannot live without it (we do everything with it), this is actually not good for your phone at all.

You should also occasionally turn off your phone for the longest possible life.

Women using Mobile phone
Women using Mobile phone

Function better

It’s no good for phones to never be turned off. In the ‘off position’ malfunctions are prevented, memory is preserved and battery life is extended. In general, your phone will function better if you turn it off from time to time. This has to do with the many things that happen simultaneously when your phone is on.

Apps never really close

When you close an app, it is not really off. This continues to run in a kind of semi-active mode in the background, so that it also reacts quickly when you open the app again. That app is therefore constantly busy using memory and internet, using up your battery and perhaps looking for your location. When you switch off your phone, all apps are really closed and you prevent all kinds of things from going on in the background.

Turn off phone

In addition, every activity that you do on your phone remains in the memory of the phone. Apps you delete, pages you open, updates you do: this is all ‘written’ in the code of your phone. This means things like removing apps are not completely final, because this action is still saved in your phone. Turning off your phone will clear this code and start with a clean slate. If you don’t do this often enough, your phone may crash.

Extend battery life

How often should you restart your phone? At least once a week, according to experts. Turn off your phone , wait at least a minute for it to actually turn off, then turn it back on. If you want to keep your battery ‘healthy’ for as long as possible, you should also let it drain completely before recharging it. Believe us, you probably won’t miss much in those two minutes when your phone is off.

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