How often your scarf should be washed


We regularly throw most garments in the washing machine. Yet there is one item that many of us forget: our scarf. And that while we wear it every day for months. It is often only washed at the end of the season.

We can already assure you that that is really too little.


Breathe through your scarf

Especially when the temperature is low outside, we often wear our scarf over part of our face. Packing half of your face with it might keep you nice and warm, but it is not very hygienic. This way you breathe into the scarf and particles remain in the fabric. It is therefore often a great source of bacteria .

Catch a cold

Especially if you have a cold, your scarf will soon not be as fresh anymore. In addition, leftovers of make-up and perfume often get stuck in it. Finally, we let him swing to the ground every now and then… For example, if he falls off the coat rack. So anything but hygienic. It is therefore better to give your scarf regular soapy water.

How often to wash your scarf?

It is wise to wash your scarf five times a season. It depends on the material at which temperature you have to do this. If the material is delicate, a hand wash is also fine and you can also wash it two to three times so as not to ruin the material. Just don’t forget to wash your scarf at the end of winter before you put it away.

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