Itching under your armpits? This can mean it


Very annoying if you suffer from itching under your armpits. The tendency to scratch is great, but to sit down on your armpits at the office, that is of course not so refreshing. In addition, this is only a temporary solution, because soon afterwards the itching will return. To do something about this, it is important to see where the itching under your armpits comes from.

Itchy armpits can have many causes. It is often quite harmless, but if you are concerned you can always consult your doctor.

Common Symptoms

Initially, itching under your armpits often comes from irritation of the skin. In addition, common symptoms are often: redness of the skin, tenderness, swelling, flakes or scabs and bumps. But you can also suffer from itching under your armpits without noticing it. We have listed a few of the most common causes.


Itching from deodorant

A common cause of underarm itching or irritation is deodorant. You can especially suffer from freshly shaved armpits, because then you have more skin to skin contact. This allows the deodorant to block your sweat glands. In this case, it is best to choose an alcohol-free and as mild as possible deodorant. It can also help not to shave your underarms for a while so that the skin under your armpits has time to heal.

Itching from shaving

You can also get irritation under your armpits just from shaving. This is often because your blade is too blunt. It is therefore advisable to regularly replace your razor blades, because dirt can also lead to irritation, itching and inflammation. Shaving dry can also cause a feeling of discomfort. For example, you can apply a moisturizing cream after shaving to take extra care of your underarms and use shaving gel. If shaving continues to bother you, you can also consider other hair removal methods, such as waxing or lasering.

Itching due to hormones

Itching under your armpits can also be caused by fluctuations in your hormonal balance. For example, you can suffer from this during or after a pregnancy. But the skin under your armpits can also be drier and pull during the menopause. This gives you an itchy feeling. This itching is only temporary, but if you get a lot of it, you can ask the doctor for an ointment or cream.

Contact eczema or psoriasis

Irritants or allergens, such as detergent or soap, can cause contact eczema. Have you recently switched products and have you had itching under your armpits since then? Then there is a good chance that it will get through there. But itchy armpits can also indicate the (chronic) disease psoriasis. In this case, you will likely also have itchy patches around your knees and elbows. In this case you can try light therapy or hormone ointment to reduce your symptoms.

Itching due to fungus

A so-called candida infection is also common when you suffer from itchy armpits. This fungal infection often develops in warm and moist body folds. In this case, it is best to ask your doctor for an anti-fungal cream and wear loose clothing so that your armpits can breathe. In addition, try to keep your armpits as clean as possible with lukewarm water, so that no sweat and dirt remains behind for bacteria.

Skin diseases

In general, itchy armpits are often quite harmless and fairly easy to remedy. But it could also be that the itching under your armpits is due to a skin disease. If your hair follicles and sebaceous glands keep getting infected, you may suffer from Hid adenitis suppurativa , a chronic skin disease. Fox-Fordyce disease is also chronic. This is very rare and especially in women between 13 and 35 years old. You often suffer from small itchy bumps under your armpit. When the bumps are red and feel like sandpaper, you may suffer from keratosis pillars, a skin rash caused by too much keratin. In all these cases, it is best to contact your doctor for the best treatment.

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