Know what your cat is trying to say to you? This app tells you


Cat’s meow a bit one day. But how nice would it be if you know exactly what your cat means by its ‘meow’? There is a new app that can help you with this, namely ‘Meowtalk’. This app translates your cat’s meow into easy-to-understand English-language phrases.

Actually a kind of Google Translate, but then for cats.

Your cat’s meow

The app was created by a former Amazon software maker who also collaborated on the successful assistant ‘Alexa’. Users of the app can record the sound of their cat, after which the app tries to find out the meaning of the meowing by means of a database. You can also supplement this database yourself by including meows that you recognize, so that the app gets an even broader picture of the different types of meows that exist.

‘I’m hungry’

The app is still under development and at the moment there are ‘only’ thirteen sentences that the app can recognize. These are mostly standard things like “I’m hungry” or “leave me alone.” To ensure that the app works as well as possible, it is therefore important that you record as many sounds as possible. The more sounds that are recorded, the better the app will recognize the sounds and thus better translate meowing. Because cats do not have a common language, but actually all speak their own language, the app has a personal profile with its own database for each cat.

Smart collar

The technical program maker of the app, Javier Sanchez, wants to eventually develop a smart collar that should be able to recognize a cat’s meowing in no time. When the cat’s meow is recognized, a human voice will speak it through the collar, making it look like your cat is talking directly to you. Nice eh?

The ‘Meowtalk‘ app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android .

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