Pregnancy period

Pregnancy period what is allowed and what is not

Everyone knows that alcohol and smoking are absolutely taboo during pregnancy. But what about coffee? And is it allowed to go to the sauna or travel by plane while pregnant? We’ll tell you!

The pregnancy is an exciting journey for both parents: From the naked eye barely visible egg and the sperm cell develops within nine months of a complex, independent creature, equipped with everything it needs to live.

A pregnancy harbors many moments of happiness, but also uncertainty: How do you behave so that the baby is doing well in the belly? Which behaviors are harmful? We would like to answer the most important questions briefly and concisely. So that you can enjoy your pregnancy!

Pregnancy period
Pregnancy period

1. What medication can I take?

There are some tablets and medicines that pregnant women can safely take, but you should always consult your doctor. Simply contact your general practitioner or gynecologist. Incidentally, this also applies to homeopathic remedies, because these can possibly have effects on the uterus.

2. Can I drink coffee?

If you drank a lot of coffee before pregnancy, you don’t have to do without it now, but you should definitely limit it: Heavy coffee consumption (more than three cups per day) increases the risk of miscarriage and can affect the child’s birth weight . However, there is nothing wrong with having a cup in the morning and a cup at noon, even during pregnancy.

3. Is sex OK?

The fear that the unborn child could be touched or injured by sexual intercourse is unfounded. Pregnant women can continue to have sex. The only exception is premature labor or bleeding: In this case it is better to consult your doctor.

4. Which sleeping position is correct?

Pregnant women can sleep in any position that is comfortable for them. However, the growing child and the uterus in the supine position may at some point press on the vena cava. It can lead to nausea and in the worst case to fainting. Pregnancy pillows can provide more sleeping comfort and help to support the stomach.

5. Is hair coloring harmful?

There is no evidence of possible embryonic damage caused by hair coloring during pregnancy. However, to be on the safe side, you should refrain from using products with ammonia, for example means for bleaching and coloring highlights.

6. Can pregnant women fly?

Expectant mothers are advised not to fly for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Many experts recommend this because of the radiation exposure. Talk to your doctor about the possible risks in individual cases.


7. What about pets?

Those who live with cats are at a higher risk of becoming infected with toxoplasmosis. This pathogen is mostly transmitted through contact with cats (cat feces), when gardening or through the consumption of unwashed fruit and vegetables.

Toxoplasmosis is usually not dangerous for adults – almost every second woman under the age of 40 has become infected with the pathogen in the course of her life – but if a woman becomes infected for the first time during pregnancy, this can be dangerous for her child. Toxoplasmosis can lead to miscarriages and deformities. After the initial infection, the body has permanent protection against another toxoplasmosis disease. Pregnant women who live with cats can be tested for these antibodies.

8. Sauna: yes or no?

If the circulation works, nothing speaks against a visit to the sauna. In any case, put a towel underneath and do not choose the warmest sauna. There is a higher risk of infection in steam baths, for example with vaginal thrush; therefore it is better to avoid them.

9. What about cell phone rays & Co.?

There are as yet no studies that establish a direct connection between the use of technical devices and malformations in the unborn child. However, as a precaution, keep cell phones and laptops away from your stomach.

10. Do I have to avoid the sun?

Visits to the solarium and extensive sunbathing can lead to the breakdown of folic acid due to the UV rays. This is important for the development of the unborn child and for the closure of its back. Sun during pregnancy, therefore, please only in moderation and solarium ideally not at all.

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