Time for a cleaning your handbag is that dirty


In the ‘you would rather not know this’ category: your handbag is a source of bacteria. There are even more bacteria in and around your bag than in an average toilet. Your beautiful handbag does not have to look dirty to secretly be.

High time to clean it a bit more often.

How does that handbag get so dirty?

According to Professor of Biomedical Sciences Donna Duberg, this is because we often put down our handbags without thinking. For example on a dirty floor, a seat on the train, benches or sometimes even on the street. Without thinking about it, you simply touch your handbag again. You probably think twice about that from now on. Leather handbags in particular turn out to be the most dirty. This is because bacteria can attach themselves to the tiny cracks in the leather. Besides that you can clean your bag more often, your hands also deserve a wash when you have rummaged through your bag, or if you have touched the bottom.


Inside of the handbag

And unfortunately the outside is not everything; even the inside of your handbag is dirty. We too are guilty of not always cleaning our phones properly. And a bacterial bomb like that spreads easily in your bag. The same goes for your keys, cash and all kinds of cards that you throw in your handbag. Scientific research has even found the E.coli bacteria, also known as poop bacteria, and the staph bacteria that can cause skin and intestinal problems in many handbags. Jars of hand cream in particular came out of the bag as the dirtiest object.

Clean regularly

It may be clear; your handbag can therefore go through the car wash more regularly. The inside is best emptied weekly; it also saves a lot of unnecessary junk in your bag, such as receipts and papers. If you really want to do it properly, you can wipe the inside with a damp cloth with a mild detergent. Handy to immediately take your phone, keys and cards with you, so that you don’t throw them dirty again in a clean handbag. Let your bag dry well after cleaning, otherwise it can get moldy. And the outside can also use soapy water regularly. Take a good look at the material, because you obviously don’t want to ruin a suede or leather handbag with a wet cloth.

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