What’s behind it, Instagram trend “nowater”?


Under #nowater, influencers are currently reporting on Instagram about the advantages of not drinking water. Instead of following the call of the water industry to drink “dirty, toxic” water, they are consuming “living” water from raw fruits and vegetables.

How should #nowater work?

The Austrian yoga teacher and wellness influencer Sophie Prana lives in Thailand and Alise Miksta, also a wellness influencer from Latvia, lives in Dubai. Both eat raw fruit and seem to be less thirsty if they eat very water-rich fruit, smoothies and juices made from local fruit throughout the day.

Instagram #NOWATER Post

Sophie claims she has not drunk water in a year and she regularly does dry fasts for 24 hours. During this time she neither eats nor drinks anything. Alise, too, has “cut her water consumption by 90 percent” because “liquid from fruits and vegetables hydrates our cells twice as efficiently as empty water from the tap,” she says. She googled this statement and thus provided scientific evidence of her lifestyle .

#Nowater is also based on the theory that the body is more likely to wash out nutrients through the electrolyte-poor water, so that the water only runs through the body. Liquid in fruit and vegetables, on the other hand, is taken more slowly, and they also provide the body with additional sugar, minerals and vitamins.

Does #nowater really work?

Those who consume a lot of soups, smoothies and water-rich salads take in more fluids. For people in our latitudes, Mediterranean fruit is not only unecological, most of them also do not have the time to eat a large watermelon and three cucumbers while working at their desk. In order to absorb enough fluids, you have to drink water. Smoothies, juices and milk also contain a lot of water, but also contain more calories and fructose than water.

Liquids don’t fill you up as well as solid foods that need to be chewed. They contain less fiber, which also aids satiety. The vitamins and minerals are not flushed out of the body with the water; they are absorbed by the mucous membranes of the digestive organs.

Why can #nowater even be dangerous?

drinking water
Drinking water

The body needs water to eliminate toxins. The kidneys use urine to clean the blood of environmental toxins and toxins that are produced by the metabolism. If the kidneys do not work, people have to do regular blood cleansing, dialysis. Our blood consists of 95 percent water. It transports nutrients and oxygen to the organs. If there is a lack of fluids, the brain and muscle cells are no longer adequately supplied, physical performance is reduced and the head hurts. We need water when we eat dry foods or foods rich in fiber to avoid constipation.

How is the recommendation for the water intake made?

We lose around 2,650 milliliters of water every day through our skin, lungs and using the toilet. We not only take in water through drinking, water is also present in solid food. In addition, water is released when our body burns the nutrients from the food. In total, the body gains around 900 milliliters of water. The German Nutrition Society therefore recommends drinking at least 1.5 liters of water every day.

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