This is why cats sleep so much


Now that owners are even more at home with their cats, certain things may stand out. For example, that your house tiger does sleep a lot. Why do cats sleep so much?

And should you be concerned about that?

Sleeping heads pur sang

Cats sleep an average of fifteen to twenty hours a day, PetMD , a site with veterinarian advice, tells us. Kittens and cats are the most elderly. They mainly do this during the day. This makes them look like huge lazy lambs, but remember that cats are real nocturnal animals. A legacy that our house tigers got from wild cats that hunt at night.

That adventurous instinct remains with cats. As a result, they run, climb and jump as well. Often so at night. And they can use all their energy for that. How do they supplement it? Correct: by sleeping a lot.

cats sleep
cats sleep

Rain and cold

Like us, cats are to some extent affected by the weather. Chances are your cat will sleep more on a rainy, cold day than on a sun-drenched, warm day. Therefore, cats are often larger sleepyheads in the fall and winter than in the spring and summer.

Cats that sleep little

Do you feel that your cat sleeps less than fifteen hours? Don’t panic: there can be simple explanations for this. For example, some cats adapt to the lifestyle of their owner, in order to have more quality time. Some cats also adjust their sleeping schedule to their eating schedule, especially if they are indoor cats.

Nice places to sleep

Have you ever checked whether your cat has nice sleeping places in the house? For example, Hart voor Dieren knows that a cat prefers to be at a somewhat higher point in the house, for example on a shelf on the wall, on top of the scratching post or even on top of a cupboard.

Just as important is that the place to sleep is nice and quiet. Cats ‘ears are a lot more sensitive than humans’. Prefer not to make noise from the TV, washing machine or music nearby. They also love warm places; it is not without reason that they like to lie on hoods, near the heating, in the sun and in your bed.


Still worried about how much your cat sleeps? Then of course you can always call the vet . Maybe it has to do with a change in the house. Or is there a combination of sleeping a lot or little and eating badly? There may be something underlying going on after all.

But according to experts we can assume that sleeping a lot is generally quite normal for cats. So let’s take a nap.

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