Why it’s better to handwrite your Christmas cards?


While it is of course much easier to send your Christmas cards digitally, it is actually better to handwrite them the ‘old-fashioned way’. It takes some work, but it turns out to have an important advantage.

This is evident from a study by Ghent University.

Christmas card
Christmas card

Test fine motor skills

The content of a Christmas card is usually not that complicated. So there is very little to remember. The real advantage of writing Christmas cards yourself is fine motor skills. And it is not only important to teach children, but also to preserve when you get older. “We have seen for some time that children’s fine motor skills are deteriorating. They tinker and cut less than before. ” Even as you get older, you may not have a pen in your hand as often. Sin, right? That is why it is wise to write your Christmas cards by hand. Writing Christmas cards the old-fashioned way is not only good for your motor skills, but some recipients also like it more!

Less stress by writing Christmas cards by hand?

Handwriting Christmas cards also helps with stress. You focus on the words you put on paper and therefore writing becomes a kind of meditation. You can take all your other thoughts off for a moment and focus only on the Christmas wishes. For example, you can first look up different Christmas wishes and then put them on a card by hand. It also pays to write about your feelings. It would reduce stress, is the not yet proven theory.

In short: writing your Christmas cards by hand can just lead to better motor skills and less stress. And let’s be honest, you think the handwritten Christmas cards you receive are the best, right?

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