Why you should always have a bunch of flowers on the table


A bunch of flowers is always nice: such a bunch is cozy and brightens up your entire house. But there is another good reason to pay a visit to the florist: a beautiful bouquet on the table is also very good for your health.

Time to bring that cozy bunch of tulips into your home!

Less pain medication

The suspicion that flowers are good for health stems in part from the discovery that patients in hospitals need less pain medication when they have flowers in their room. This was shown by a study by the American Kansas State University.

Flowers on the table
Flowers on the table

Lower blood pressure

For the study, ninety patients, who had undergone appendectomy, were placed in two different rooms. One group stayed in a hospital room with flowers and plants, the other without. Not only patients in the room with had b Loemen less medication, they also had lower blood pressure. In addition, they indicated that they felt more positive and less tired and anxious.

Flowers against depression

Mentally, a bunch of flowers can do a lot for you anyway. A study by Rutgers University in New Jersey , USA, showed that flowers make people more positive, happier and more social. A bunch of flowers in the house could improve relationships with those around you and even help with depression and anxiety. Because of these kinds of findings, flowers are sometimes referred to as ‘vitamin F’ – from flower – because they are so good for our health and mood.

Smell and sight

But how can flowers make us feel so much better? That is not entirely clear. It is suspected that it is because they stimulate our two most important senses: smell and sight. The strong smell activates the part of our brain where your memory and emotions are regulated. Because of this, flowers not only make you happier, but can also help improve your memory. Certain smells often evoke certain memories. And people usually have many positive memories of flowers. In addition, flowers simply look bright and colorful. That makes us happy.

Healthier air

The positive physical effect could also be explained by something else. Because just like plants, flowers literally make the space around you healthier . They remove harmful substances from the air, which improves the climate of the room in which the flowers are placed. How big the effect of this is on our physical health has not yet been investigated, but the first signs are favorable.

Are you convinced and have you already put a bunch of flowers on the table? Here you can read how you can enjoy it the longest.

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