You can clean 5 these things with a potato


Potatoes: we love them. And there is an extra reason, because with a potato you can not only cook in a versatile way, it also apparently comes in very handy during cleaning.

You get these 5 things sparkling clean with a simple potato.

Cleaning spectacle lenses with a potato

Especially with a mouth mask, chances are that your glasses will fog up . Help comes from an unexpected source, because you can prevent this problem with a potato. Rub the inside of your glasses with a raw potato. The starch in the potato prevents your glasses from fogging up. 


Tackle rust

From rusty scissors and knives to a cast iron frying pan: everything is cleaned again in an instant with a potato. This contains oxalic acid, which helps to break down rust. It is best to cut your potato in half and apply a little dish soap or baking soda over it for best results. Then rub the rusty object of your choice and repeat this process until the rust is completely gone. Then rinse the object and dry it well.

Remove small stains

A large red wine stain will not dissolve a potato, but you can clean small grease stains with it. Dab half the raw potato over the fat stain to remove it. Repeat this a few times until the stain is completely gone.

Polish silver

Is there a deposit on your silver cutlery? Then it is high time to put potatoes on the menu tonight. Boil your spuds as you normally would, but keep the water. It contains a lot of starch. Put the silver in here for at least an hour. Then you can polish the silver dry and you will see that the tarnish wipes away with ease.

Clean up glass

Finally, a potato is also a lifesaver if there are shards on the ground. You can of course carefully pick up or sweep up the large pieces, but the tiny glass splinters are often difficult to get hold of. Cut a potato in half and then press the potato over the floor where the glass is broken. The small pieces will stick to the potato. You can put on gloves for safety, so you don’t accidentally get glass in your hands. Incidentally, you can of course also use this tip with a lot of other types of halved vegetables of your choice.

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