Maple syrup

6 healthy alternatives to sugar

Reducing sugar is not always easy. Would you like to consume less (refined) sugars without having to say goodbye to sweet?

Take a look at these six alternatives. Maybe there is one that is a great replacement.

1. Coconut blossom sugar

This brown brother of the well-known white variety is made from the coconut plant and has a much lower glycemic index than ‘regular’ sugar: 35 versus 60. It is also one of the few natural alternatives to sugar that is 100 percent raw. As a result, coconut blossom sugar, unlike refined sugar, still contains its original nutritional values. The sugar is ideal for baking. So the next time you make a cake, you can ignore the white sugar .

Maple syrup
Maple syrup

2. Maple syrup

You may know this syrup from Canada because it is sometimes served with (stacks of) American pancakes. Maple syrup is made from the maple tree,  either the maple or maple. You can use it well in marinades for vegetables, fish or meat, because the taste does not change when you heat the syrup.

3. Brown rice syrup

Fermenting cooked rice with enzymes creates brown rice syrup. The syrup is just as sweet as white sugar, but is easily absorbed into your blood and releases energy slowly. This prevents an insulin peak.

4. Molasses

Maybe you didn’t know molasses yet. It is a byproduct of white sugar and is made from sugar cane. Not only is it darker in color, but the taste is slightly different. Molasses tastes great in baked goods such as cookies and banana bread.

5. Stevia

Stevia is no less than three hundred times sweeter than regular sugar. Yet the sweetener of this plant contains zero calories and you do not get an insulin peak. Nice bonus.

6. Agave syrup

Agave syrup (from the agave plant) is a lot thinner and sweeter than honey, but the taste is similar. The syrup is 1.6 times as sweet as sugar, so you need less for the same result. You can use agave syrup well in drinks such as (ice) coffee, because the thin structure mixes better than, for example, honey.

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