Why Avocados Can Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes?

Are you completely addicted to avocados? Then you are not alone. This fruit has gained considerable popularity in our country in recent years. The green bombs are full of minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, fiber and healthy fats. All nutrients that contribute to good health. And to that huge list of benefits is now added another plus.

Scientists have discovered that there is another very good reason to eat avocados more often. Researchers at the University of Guelma in Algeria have shown how a substance found only in avocados can inhibit cellular processes in the pancreas. And not just any cells, they are the cells that play an important role in the development of insulin resistance.


Insulin resistance

Your body receives energy from glucose, where insulin ensures that glucose can be absorbed by all cells in the body. But due to lifestyle factors, such as obesity, those cells may suddenly stop responding to insulin. When that happens, the pancreas starts to produce more insulin to bring the blood sugar level down.

This leads to high insulin levels in the blood and can eventually develop into type 2 diabetes. Scientists have now discovered that a substance, which only occurs in avocados (Avocatin B), prevents incomplete combustion, so that the pancreas does not produce extra insulin.

Two trials with avocados

The scientists base their conclusions on two experiments. The first involved an experiment in two groups of mice. Both groups were first put on a high-fat diet for weeks so that they developed obesity and insulin resistance. After five weighing, part of the group was added Avocatin B to the diet. At the end of the experiment, it appeared that the mice that had not ingested Avocatin B weighed considerably more.

This group also gained weight faster and were less sensitive to insulin. The scientists then tested the effect of Avocatin B on humans. That test also showed that the results were positive. The researchers do state that this trial is still too small to be able to demonstrate a significant relationship with it.

More research

Although avocados are packed with healthy substances, Avocatin B is best taken through a supplement. The scientists state that the presence of this substance in each fruit differs greatly. It is now being investigated whether it can therefore be marketed as a dietary supplement. The researchers also want to do more research to see whether this active substance can be used in the future for the disadvantage of metabolic disorders.

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