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Huh, avocados are good for you, right? Yes that’s true. That is precisely why more and more people are eating avocados. But more often than you might think this ends with a visit to the emergency room.

The reason? Not everyone turns out to be equally good at opening, stoning and cutting an avocado. The result is the ‘avocado hand’: a deep cut on the palm. And that makes cutting avocado quite dangerous – unless you do it the right way.

Is avocado cut dangerous?

Cutting an avocado doesn’t have to be dangerous. It often goes wrong when people  try to remove the stone from the avocado with the tip of their knife . The wick is often smooth, so that people shoot through and end up with the knife in their palm.

Avocado Slicer
Avocado Slicer

Increase in victims of ‘avocado injury’

There are no exact figures in the Netherlands. But the Dutch Association for Plastic Surgery reports that plastic surgeons see several victims with so-called ‘avocado injuries’ every week. According to them, it is a growing problem. Figures are known in the United States and they do not lie: between 1998 and 2017 no fewer than fifty thousand people were injured during the stoning of an avocado. The largest increase in the number of injuries took place from 2013. Eighty percent of these injuries were women.

Especially women

Dennis Barten, emergency room doctor at the VieCuri medical center in Venlo, saw a similar increase in the Netherlands last year, he told LINDA.nl . And especially among women between twenty and fifty years old. Although he does not see the victims every day, they are considerably more than a few years ago. In addition, not all victims will go to the emergency room, but to their own GP. Because of this, there are probably more than we think.

Pit avocado safely

Although the accidents are often not permanently dangerous, you can also be unlucky and hit the tendon in your hand. Then you will need an operation. Prevention is always better than cure. Cutting an avocado is not dangerous if you do it this way (and did you know you can also peel an avocado without a knife?):

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