Women exercising

Burn calories and melt pounds

The energy from food – usable for physical performance through combustion.

Combustion – what does that mean for the organism?

Women exercising
Women exercising

The organism covers its calorie needs for growth, the maintenance of body temperature and for all metabolic functions from the burning of fats and carbohydrates.

Protein is only used to a small extent for combustion, because it is primarily responsible for other tasks in the body. If you look at the process of combustion chemically, for example, in the case of coal, the three elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are converted into carbon dioxide and water.

In principle, we could burn the nutrients fat, carbohydrates and protein in the oven and use the released energy as heat. The combustion of nutrients in our body differs from that in the oven only in that it does not take place suddenly with the formation of a flame, but slowly in many partial steps.

How can we burn the calories now?

In order to be able to burn the calories or the energy that is consumed through food, we have to perform well. Some of the calories ingested are consumed by the basal metabolic rate alone. This means that the body consumes calories just to maintain vital functions.

The more physical work is added to this basal metabolic rate, the more calories we can burn. Regular exercise drives the body’s internal combustion engine permanently. Who about that calorie burn, If you want to lose weight, you can hardly avoid exercise.

Endurance sports such as running – swimming – cycling are particularly suitable for effectively burning calories. If more calories are burned than supplied, the pounds also melt and nothing stands in the way of losing weight. Also you can check this top 10 calories burning activities video.

Top 10 calories burning activities

The Top Ten: Calorie Burning Activities

  • Mountain hiking
  • swim
  • To run
  • playing squash
  • play soccer
  • play tennis
  • to go biking
  • Ski touring
  • Walking
  • aerobics

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