Evening time 6 tips to help you lose weight

How you act at the end of the day can have a big impact on your weight. In the Health bas blog we show you clever evening routines with which you can show unwanted pounds the red card.

Many figure traps lurk, especially in the evening: the quick frozen pizza, greasy nibble snacks in front of the TV or just that we can’t get up from the couch after a long day at work. Turn the tables and integrate smart habits into your daily closing. These six evening routines will help you achieve your dream figure.

1. Protein-heavy dinner

Carbohydrates are bad – this belief is common. But it’s not that easy. It depends on the quality, the quantity and above all the right time.

Heavy dinner
Heavy dinner

Avoid white flour and sugar

Refined carbohydrates such as sugar and white flour cause blood sugar to rise quickly and drop back into the basement just as quickly. The rapid decline ensures that we are hungry again shortly after the meal. In addition, high blood sugar inhibits the burning of fat because it triggers the release of the hormone insulin.

You should therefore rely on long-chain carbohydrates, for example from whole grain products, oatmeal, pumpkin and other starchy vegetables. If you eat these especially in the first half of the day, you will keep your blood sugar low in the evening and the fat burning can bring you closer to your desired dream figure during the night.

Protein in the evening will help you lose weight

For those who want to lose weight, proteins are the key in the evening. They are the most effective filler and also get the metabolism going. The special thing about it: A third of the calories that you take in in the form of protein are burned again when they are used in the body. In the evening, you should therefore concentrate on meat, fish and dairy products, for example vegetables with herb quark or a steak with salad. If you feel like having cheese, it’s best to eat it without bread. A good alternative for all bread fans is protein bread, which you can easily make yourself.

2. If snacking, then smart

When the day is over and the sofa is calling, it is particularly difficult to resist sweets. If you want to lose weight, snacking is allowed but correct


Addiction effect of sugar

Who doesn’t know that: just a piece of chocolate, then it’s over. But the temptation to stick a second and third piece in your mouth is too great. This is not just due to a lack of discipline, as most think. Sugar has an addiction-like effect that has been proven by numerous studies. For example, US scientists who made rats dependent on sugar observed that the animals behaved like typical drug addicts.

The sweet substance activates the reward center in the brain, which gives us a cozy feeling that we always want more of. While some people naturally find it easy to stick to a snack, others are particularly sensitive to sugar. If you belong to the sweet group, avoid sugary snacks in the evening.

Protein snacks: determine the amount in advance

Protein-rich snacks such as nuts, cheese cubes, roasted peas or chickpeas cause the blood sugar level to rise only a little and thus help with weight loss. So if you don’t want to miss out on your evening snack, you should use these alternatives. Important: Determine the amount in advance. Because whether nuts or chocolate – we love to use it again and again. If you put an open bag in front of your nose, you make life unnecessarily difficult.

A good measure for an evening snack is a handful. Put your portion on a small saucer or in a bowl, seal the bag and take the treat out of sight. Beware of nuts: if they are salted, it is even more difficult to stop. Better to choose the unsalted variant. Roasted in the pan, they too have a delicious aroma. In addition, nuts in particular have numerous positive effects on health. We took a closer look at the 10 most popular nuts.

3. Cocoa, golden latte, tea

Green tea
Green tea

As an alternative to snacking, hot spicy drinks are also suitable. They give a warm feeling, relax and dispel the hunger for sweet things – especially if you use spices such as cinnamon, cocoa, cardamom and turmeric. On top of that, you also support your immune system.

Turmeric boosts your metabolism

Turmeric is the number one anti-inflammatory. The yellow root is available fresh in pieces or in powder form. With the super tuber you can conjure up the delicious trendy drink golden milk or golden latte quickly and easily.

Cocoa doesn’t have to be sweet

Also a hot chocolate or a chai latte is to be supported as a toasty-warm drinks good helper to losing weight. Of course, this does not mean the sugary variants. Cocoa is naturally bitter and its antioxidants provide valuable ingredients that protect your cells from free radicals. You should therefore use baking cocoa or raw cocoa.

Licorice root tea or spicy chai also satisfy the desire for sweets without consuming sugar.

4. Scheduled snacks prevent cravings

Be patient with your body
Be patient with your body

Unfortunately, when you come home from work starving, that’s the best way to throw good resolutions overboard.

Prevent food cravings

Sweet things are what give us energy the fastest. It is therefore not surprising that the body cries out for sugar when we have not eaten for a long time. Bend your cravings therefore propose. Better to have a small planned snack when you leave work. So you can cook relaxed at home and enjoy your planned dinner.

Planning becomes routine

Often times, it may seem like planning meals in advance takes a long time. But even if it takes a little time for newbies, it saves time in the long run. With a little practice, planning quickly becomes routine. So you not only support your weight loss plans, but also save time and thoughts that you otherwise invest in eating every day. More information about meal prep and nutrition plans can be found here.

5. Relaxation: The best weight loss aid

Woman asleep
Woman asleep

Stress is the biggest enemy of losing weight. When we’re stressed, the body craves candy, fast food, and other comfort foods that make us feel good.

Stress promotes fat storage

The body releases cortisol during stress, especially if it lasts longer. When permanently activated, the hormone ensures that we store fat, especially in the abdominal region, and that fat burning is inhibited. This makes sense when we consider that a stressed body struggles to survive and makes provision for bad times.

Relaxation breaks down stress hormones

Relaxation is the best antidote here. When we are relaxed, cortisol levels drop and we become calmer. Whether meditation, yoga or a good book – you will find the right method to shut down your nervous system and leave the stress of everyday life behind you.

6. Brushing your teeth: right after dinner

Brushing teeth
Brushing teeth

If you brush your teeth right after dinner, you can protect yourself from going back to the refrigerator. The brushing of teeth and the minty taste in the mouth signal to the brain that the meal is over and stop the desire for more. The feeling of hunger is reduced and the need for food disappears.

Brushing their teeth is particularly helpful for people who often still feel like something sweet after eating. Same effect: suck a sugar-free peppermint after eating.

Evening time 6 tips to help you lose weight

Knowledge to take away

The evening routines in particular often decide whether or not the weight loss is successful. In the evening the motivation drops and we want to reward ourselves for the day. You can prevent hunger pangs and a lack of discipline with fixed evening routines.

Carbohydrates in the evening slow down fat burning at night. Therefore, your evening meals should be more protein-based. Protein is the best friend of those willing to lose weight and the strongest filler.

If you want to snack, you should grab nuts, cheese cubes or other protein-rich sweets and determine the amount beforehand, instead of leaving the open bag in front of you.

Relaxation in the evening, good meal planning and brushing your teeth after each meal also help to make your dream figure a success.

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