Top 5 Weight loss snacks

Top 5 Weight loss snacks

The stomach can growl between main meals. Fitness doctor Ingo Frobose reveals which snacks fill you up quickly and do not stand in the way of success.

Can you take the breaks between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner without your stomach growling, dear Health Bas readers? Almost no one gets through the day without a small snack in between. Unfortunately, the little things that we indulge in “on the side” are often very high in sugar and high in calories – for example energy bars, cakes, chocolate, but also the large milk coffee. These many calories distributed throughout the day can be a hindrance to achieving or maintaining the desired weight, as they increase the overall calorie balance.

Top 5 Weight loss snacks
Top 5 Weight loss snacks

Why you should do without snacks in the best case

To lose weight, three meals a day are ideal. You should give your digestion some rest between meals. Because five small servings a day mean that the body hardly gets any breaks in its digestive work and requires energy that it lacks elsewhere.

In addition, insulin is constantly released, which prevents the organism from tapping into its fat deposits.

Why do you want a snack?

In fact, if we’re honest, a growling stomach is rarely the reason we nibble on the side.

Often snacks are supposed to help you get out of the morning or afternoon low. But snacks don’t do much for that, because they strain the digestion and only make you more tired – see previous point. Instead of eating without thinking, think about the reasons for your morning or afternoon low: Are you getting too little sleep? Are you not giving yourself enough breaks? Are breakfasts and lunch too small or too large? The best tip against a drowsiness attack: Take a short break in the fresh air, even if it’s just the window open.

Stressful and frustrated situations also make us resort to unhealthy snacks quickly. Breaking this unconscious mechanism is not so easy. In stressful situations in particular, the body signals an increased energy requirement.

Last but not least, it is often our dear habit that makes us reach into the candy box or – in the evening in front of the TV set – into the bag of chips. This snacking has nothing to do with appetite or hunger.

Top 5 Weight loss snacks 2020 | slimming natural products

Top 5 Weight Loss Snacks

In between snacks should provide nutrients, fill you up and keep your blood sugar level constant. Therefore, I clearly advise against sugary snacks. This also includes dried fruits and energy bars. If you want a sweet taste, then choose a handful of berries or an apple. These provide valuable fiber with lower sugar content.

Slimming snacks: almonds


A handful of unpeeled almonds make a great healthy snack. With their high protein and fiber content, the nuts fill you up quickly. It is important to always chew almonds very well, otherwise they are difficult to digest. Due to their high content of unsaturated fatty acids, almonds also help to lower cholesterol levels. And last but not least, because of their high magnesium and vitamin E content, they are pure food for the nerves. Important: The almonds should be unpeeled and neither roasted in fat nor salted or otherwise flavored.

Slimming snacks: boiled egg


Hardly any snack is easier to prepare than boiled eggs. And at the same time, hardly any snack will help you achieve your weight loss goals so much! Because eggs are very filling due to their high process content. Many studies also show that meals especially prepared with eggs increase the feeling of fullness and reduce the calorie intake of later meals.

Slimming snacks: water and tea

Green tea
Green tea

If tiredness or a diffuse appetite makes you dream of a snack, then you should first drink a large glass of water. The stomach experiences a stretching stimulus from the liquid, which signals to the brain a feeling of satiety. A cup of tea will help you through the afternoon low. Rely on mixtures with white or green tea, for example. They wake you up more gently and sustainably than coffee and also contain valuable antioxidants and secondary plant substances.

Slimming snacks: natural yogurt


Natural yoghurt is low in fat, contains a lot of protein and makes you feel full for a long time. That makes it the ideal snack. The lactic acid bacteria in the sour milk product help to keep the intestinal flora in balance. Yogurt is also rich in calcium, which protects the bones. A small portion of natural yoghurt (150 grams) in between helps to soothe the stomach until the next main meal.

Slimming snacks: vegetables

Are we eating too little fiber

Vegetable sticks taste nice and fresh and provide fiber. The fact that you have to chew vegetables well gives the impression of a real small meal – a psychological effect that ensures a longer satiety. It is best to combine several types of vegetables for a varied snack. For example, celery, carrots, cucumbers and radishes are well suited for transport.

With these five snacks you can access them in between without a guilty conscience. Finally, a tip for afternoon refreshment: brush your teeth after lunch (wait an hour). The mint taste of the toothpaste refreshes and reduces the appetite for sweets. This is good for your teeth as well as your figure.

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