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6 possible reasons why you suddenly gain weight without eating more

Sometimes you know exactly where those extra pounds come from. For example, you have eaten a little more in recent weeks, or you have stopped exercising. But what if the pounds seem to be flying, even though you haven’t changed anything? Perhaps one of these six reasons why you are gaining weight is not related to your diet

Unsure about the cause of a major weight change? Then it is smart to make an appointment with the doctor. 

Gain weight
Gain weight

1. You have recently started using new medicines

Have you started a new contraceptive pill, are you taking antidepressants or, for example, the anti-inflammatory drug prednisone? Then it may be that this is one of the reasons that you gain weight, without having changed much in terms of diet.

Some medications cause you to retain more fluid, slow down your metabolism or (unconsciously) make you eat more. Here’s how, according to a dietitian, you can get rid of those pounds again, if you want.

2. You have an underactive thyroid gland

In addition to that unexplained weight gain, do you also suffer from fatigue, coldness or psychological complaints? Then it could be that you have an underactive thyroid gland. A thyroid gland that works too slowly does not produce enough thyroid hormone, while that hormone is very important for our body.

The thyroid hormone affects almost all cells in the body, but especially the metabolism and heart rhythm. A deficiency therefore causes these kinds of annoying symptoms. Do you recognize yourself in this? Then a visit to the doctor is wise.

3. You are in transition

Also, the transition should not miss in this list of reasons why you arrive without you eat more. Because of all the hormone fluctuations that before and during the menopause, you can have to deal with a slower metabolism and an altered fat distribution in your body. You probably don’t want that, but unfortunately there is little you can do about it. By eating and continuing to eat healthy and exercising enough, you can often prevent or limit these pounds.

4. You are sleep deprived

Do you sleep little? Then that could ensure that you have gained some weight. Sleeping affects two different hormones related to eating. It’s about ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin makes us feel hungry and is therefore also called the hunger hormone. Leptin is precisely the hormone that our body produces when we are full and ensures that we do not want to eat too much.

From research shows that insufficient sleep causes a greater amount of ghrelin in the blood, while the amount of leptin actually decreases. Because of this combination you have a lot more appetite, so that after a short night you often (unconsciously) eat more and more often. In the long term, this can therefore lead to weight gain.

5. You drink a lot of high-calorie drinks

Do you pay close attention to what you eat, but don’t you actually keep an eye on the calories in your drinks? Then that can also ensure that you still arrive. A glass of soft drink with sugar or a nice glass of wine with dinner doesn’t seem like a big deal, but if you regularly drink something like this, it still adds up in terms of calories. In addition, alcohol also ensures that your metabolism slows down and you burn fewer calories. Maybe take a glass of water more often, if this is one of the reasons why you gain weight without eating more.

6. You suffer from stress

Too much stress can cause all kinds of psychological and physical complaints. From headaches and palpitations to – you guessed it – weight gain. There are several reasons why you gain weight when you are under stress. It also differs slightly from person to person: some people lose weight with extreme, long-term stress.

However, it is often the case that the stress hormone cortisol has an effect on your metabolism and ensures that you have more pull. Two birds with one stone, but not really in a positive way. This hormone can also cause you to feel bloated or suffer from constipation, making you feel heavier.

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