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Lose weight without exercise and diet

Lose weight without exercise and diet? A dream of those who don’t like sports comes true! Countless diet and fitness programs take up a lot of time. It is possible to lose weight and maintain your weight even without strict guidelines and without having to do without a lot. We’ll reveal ten scientifically proven tricks you can use to save calories with little effort.

1. Lose weight by chewing thoroughly

Food chewing
Food chewing

Every additional chewing motion helps you to support your weight loss process without any strict diet plans. Because the more thoroughly you chew your meals, the slower and more carefully you eat and the more accurately your body can tell you when you are full.

Studies have shown that thorough chewing not only reduces the speed of eating, but also leads to an earlier feeling of satiety and, as a result, reduced food intake. You eat smaller portions and still feel.

This knowledge helps reduce the risk of becoming overweight. A current meta-analysis evaluated 23 study results and found that fast eating behavior, compared to slower eating behavior, tends to lead to weight gain and thus promotes obesity. Slow and thorough chewing can therefore help you lose weight without exercising.

2. Pay attention to the plate sizes


Don’t let the plate size fool you. This has increased in recent years – and that to the disadvantage of our figure. Because larger plates make food portions appear much smaller than they usually are, and one is more willing to take a second.

Knowing this, you can cleverly manage your calorie intake by serving healthy meals on large plates and unhealthy foods on smaller plates.

3. Protein helps you lose weight without exercising

Women exercising
Women exercising

Protein-rich meals have a proven influence on our feeling of satiety and an effect on fat burning, as they stimulate metabolism and digestion. You are satisfied faster and, above all, longer than after eating fatty, non-protein-rich food. This is probably due to the hormone-activating effect of protein-rich food. Proteins have a positive effect on the production of ghrelin and GLP-1 hormones, which among other things regulate the hunger-satiation mechanism.

Another study underscores the fact that the feeling of hunger does not only depend on the size of the meal, but also on its composition. A protein-rich breakfast made from eggs helped overweight women consume fewer calories throughout the day compared to the control group.

So if you want to lose weight without exercise and without any diet programs, focus on high -protein meals and low-calorie foods such as lean chicken, fish, low-sugar quark, legumes, complex carbohydrates and nuts.

4. Get the unhealthy out of your sight

With unhealthy food in view, you will automatically feel hungry faster, even though you are full and your calorie needs have been met. The additional calorie intake promotes weight gain and you are more prone to overweight.

To have better control over your snacking behavior, simply hide chips, soft drinks, chocolate, and sugary cereals in kitchen cabinets. With a well-filled bowl of fruit and visible, healthy food in the refrigerator, you are more likely to reach for them when you are hungry and save calories without a weight-loss plan or diet plan.

5. Lose weight with fiber

Plant-based foods such as fruit, vegetables and grains have one thing in common: They partly consist of indigestible plant fibers, the so-called dietary fibers. Dietary fiber has the special property that after consumption it swells in the stomach in combination with water and thus increases the stomach’s filling volume.

The swelling also creates a gel-like consistency, which slows down the breakdown of nutrients. The stomach or belly stays full longer and ensures a longer lasting feeling of satiety and lower calorie consumption – perfect for losing weight without exercising.

6. Lose weight with the right drinking behavior


Whether on warm or cold days, it is important to drink enough. Because water stimulates the metabolism and is essential for the transport of nutrients in the body. How to burn pounds in no time.

A large glass of water before each meal

Depending on how much and when you drink, you can do something for your figure. Drink 500 milliliters of water half an hour before each meal, it has been proven that you eat less afterwards and thus easily reduce your caloric intake or calorie balance.

Subjects in a study who drank enough before each meal lost 44 percent more weight than the control group over twelve weeks. An even greater effect was achieved by replacing high-calorie soft drinks or fruit juices with water.

Avoid sugared drinks

We consume far too much sugar through our food and especially through sugary drinks. Added sugar is poison for anyone looking to shed a few pounds. But with a look at the list of ingredients, you can easily save unnecessary calories and lose weight without exercising.

In contrast to solid foods, liquid calories from soft drinks and fruit juices contribute little to satiety and are therefore dangerous calorie traps. In addition, sweetened drinks significantly increase the risk of western civilization diseases.

The easiest way to lose weight without exercising is to use water, unsweetened tea and coffee instead of sugary soft drinks. Be careful with fruit juices, as they often contain more sugar than cola. By the way: Drinking enough water is also essential as part of a metabolic diet and metabolism cure.

7. Avoid stress and lack of sleep

Woman asleep
Woman asleep

Stress and lack of sleep not only affect our health, but also our hormonally controlled feeling of hunger and satiety. Not getting enough sleep disrupts the release of the appetite-regulating hormones leptin and ghrelin. Stress increases levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

A disturbed synthesis of these hormones increases the tendency towards unhealthy food and promotes food cravings. Additionally, chronic insomnia and stress increase many diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Oecotrophologist and fitness choach Kirsten Sellmer emphasizes the importance of adequate sleep for the body: “During sleep, the body regenerates. Healthy sleep ensures that metabolic processes and hormone production run properly. Whoever is not well rested or suffers from chronic sleep deprivation will possibly overweight. “

8. Pay attention to the portion sizes

Lose weight without exercise and diet? That works if you don’t allow yourself to be manipulated by XL portions and menu offers. With the growing portion sizes, our need to empty the plate has not changed. We automatically eat more and are more prone to weight gain.

In one study, the researchers doubled a restaurant’s appetizer size. The guests ate an average of 30 percent more than the control group. By being careful with your portion size, you will typically eat less while maintaining satiety.

9. Eat consciously – stay away from your cell phone while eating


Often you eat in front of the TV or write messages with your smartphone. As a result of this distraction, the body quickly loses track of the amount of food consumed and you eat more. These extra calories have a negative effect on weight in the longer term.

As part of a meta-analysis, the evaluation of 24 studies revealed that people who are distracted during their meals eat up to ten percent more. In addition, portion sizes are not consciously perceived and the calorie intake is up to 25 percent higher in the further course of the day.

Here, too, oecotrophologist Kirsten Sellmer emphasizes: “Those who eat their food in a hectic pace, in front of the television or PC, often do not feel the natural feeling of satiety and eat too much.”

10. Decrease through the signal color red

You can use this crazy trick to help you lose weight without exercise and diet. Just serve unhealthy snacks on red dishes. Subjects in one study ate fewer pretzels when the treat was served on red instead of white or blue plates. This effect can be traced back to the ubiquitous signal effect of the color red .

Knowledge to take away

White bread makes the blood sugar level rise and fall quickly. This leads to food cravings. Better to use whole wheat flour. French fries and chips are very high in fat, which is why they should be avoided when losing weight. Better to use boiled potatoes!

Fruit juice drinks are high in calories and high in sugar – so it is better to eat whole fruit. Most bars in the supermarket are made from unhealthy ingredients like sugar, fat, and refined flour. They provide loads of calories, but no valuable nutrients, so they don’t last long.

Cookies, cakes and co. Often contain added sugar, refined flour and, in some cases, harmful trans fatty acids. They are high in calories, but hardly provide any essential nutrients. Avoid these foods to lose weight. Ice cream from the supermarket is a real sugar bomb! Rather try the low-fat and protein-rich low-fat quark ice cream.

Lemonades, cola and the like should be avoided if you are aiming for weight loss. Instead, opt for unsweetened herbal and fruit teas and (fruit infused) water.

Conventional pizzas from the supermarket usually contain refined flour, sugar and heavily processed meat. The Italo classic becomes healthier if it is prepared by yourself and whole meal flour or cauliflower is used as the base. Coffee is best to drink black or with a little milk. Large chain coffees specialties are real calorie bombs and have the same calorie content as an entire main meal.

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