why oatmeal is so healthy

Fiber power: this is why oats are healthy

Oats have become somewhat out of fashion and have been replaced by rye, wheat and other types of grain. In the form of flakes, oats belong in every muesli and are rightly considered to be outrageously healthy.

Not to mention the high content of protein, minerals (especially magnesium, phosphorus, iron and zinc) and important vitamins (especially B1, B9 and K) are found in oats extra fiber. These include pectin and cellulose.

But oats have something special to offer with their content of the soluble fiber beta-glucan: In a report by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in 2009, the consumption of this substance from oats leads to a lowering of the cholesterol concentration in the blood. Like other soluble fiber, the beta-glucans also form a viscous solution by binding water.

It protects the intestinal mucosa and ensures a particularly slow rise in blood sugar levels through a longer breakdown of nutrients. The beta-glucan from oats also binds superfluous substances such as bile acids and promotes their excretion.

Oats: small grains – big effect


The useful fiber is found in all oat products, but most of them contain oat bran. These peel residues are separated from the flour when the oat kernels are ground. They consist of the seedling and the outer layers of the oat grain with fruit skin, seed coat and silver skin.

With around 85 percent fiber, oat bran is particularly good for satiety, digestion and detoxification. Also, because it’s low in fat and calories, oat bran is perfect for anyone looking to lose weight.

What Will Happen If You Start Eating Oats Every Day

Oats: where can you find oat bran?

Oat bran can be bought in pharmacies, health food stores, health food stores or drug stores. Important: Drink plenty of fluids when you eat oat bran so that it has the desired effect. And don’t overdo it – if you are not used to bran, it is best to start with small amounts and increase them slowly, and otherwise you may experience stomach ache, bloating and constipation. Stir oat bran into yogurt or mix one to two teaspoons into the granola. Soups can also be given more content and a good bond with oats!

Oats: why oatmeal is so healthy

why oatmeal is so healthy
why oatmeal is so healthy

Oat flakes are very easy to digest, even for absolute wholegrain newbies. By the way, whether tender or hearty: Oat flakes are basically whole grain foods and always contain the outer layers and the seedling of the oat grain. The only difference is the consistency – some melt on the tongue, others have more bite.

So it is a matter of taste which flakes you take, the fiber content is the same for both types of oats and is around 10.6 g / 100 g. The fiber content is only slightly lower in the particularly easily digestible instant flakes, which dissolve in liquid: they bring it to “only” just fewer than 9 g / 100 g. You can find more information about oats and fiber in our fiber special.

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