Low carbohydrate foods

Low carbohydrate foods these are the best

Low-carbohydrate foods help keep blood sugar levels constant. The glycemic index plays an important role here: foods with a low glycemic index prevent food cravings by slowly increasing blood sugar levels. The effect is a longer lasting feeling of satiety.

Low carbohydrate foods – low carb for food cravings

The ingestion of carbohydrate-containing foods leads to a rapid rise in blood sugar and an associated release of insulin. The insulin causes the blood sugar to drop again just as quickly – the body reacts again with a strong feeling of hunger.

This strong metabolic reaction occurs precisely through the consumption of foods with simple carbohydrates and thus a high glycemic index. By consuming low-carbohydrate foods – so-called low-carb foods – which then also have a lower glycemic index, one counteracts such extreme blood sugar peaks.

The result is that not so much insulin is released in the first place and the blood sugar is lowered accordingly more slowly. This way, food cravings are largely avoided.

Low carbohydrate foods
Low carbohydrate foods

Low Carb – The Best Low Carbohydrate Foods

These foods are among the low-carbohydrate foods:

  • All types of meat in its natural form, i.e. without breading
  • Fish, also here natural without breading
  • Eggs
  • milk and milkproducts
  • legumes
  • Soy foods like tofu

Carbohydrates are found in all plant foods. Here the degree of maturity is e.g. B. in fruit it is decisive for the sugar content. Vegetables with a high water content are usually low-carbohydrate foods.


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Here are the top ten plant-based low-carb foods:

  • All kinds of leaf salads
  • zucchini
  • Cucumbers
  • asparagus
  • spinach
  • radish
  • Kohlrabi
  • cabbage
  • green paprika
  • Swiss chard

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