You probably didn’t know these 6 health benefits of endive yet

It’s stew time again! Kale, stew and of course endive. You don’t just have to eat this last vegetable in a stew; you can also make a tasty salad. Nice and versatile, but also very healthy, that endive.

 For example, did you know that this vegetable can provide radiant skin?

Different types of

In the Netherlands there are two different types of endive. The regular and the curly variant, also called a frisee. Endive can be prepared in many different ways; raw, cooked, baked or naturally in the stew. This vegetable is available fresh or frozen. Since it does not have a long shelf life, it may pay off to choose the frozen variety. It is true that these contain fewer nutrients. In addition, this super food also has the following six health benefits:


1. Endive provides strong bones

Endive is rich in calcium and magnesium. It probably comes as no surprise to you that calcium contributes to healthy bones, but did you know that it also promotes proper functioning of our nerves and muscles? Magnesium is also good for bone building and the formation and functioning of our muscles.

2. It aids healthy bowel movements

Endive contains healthy fiber. When you eat this vegetable regularly, it is healthy for your intestinal flora. The nutrients are then properly absorbed and the toxins are removed more quickly.

3. It is good for blood pressure

Endive is rich in nitrate. This substance is known to have a positive effect on blood pressure . The mineral potassium, which plays a role in blood pressure and fluid balance, is also present in endive. It also contains a lot of vitamin K, which is good for blood clotting. This ensures, for example, that you heal faster from wounds, but also lowers the risk of heart disease[1]. Vitamin K also contributes to healthy and strong bones.

4. Endive is good for your eyes

Vitamin A is also abundantly present in endive. This vitamin contributes to healthy eyes. Thus, it prevents night blindness and retinal degeneration. In addition, vitamin A contributes to keeping your immune system, heart, skin and hair healthy.

5. It is good for your skin

The previously mentioned vitamin A ensures that your skin radiates. This is because it stimulates cell renewal and thereby ensures that new cells are formed.

6. It boosts your immune system

Endive contains many anti-oxidants. These are known to be good for your immune system . They can counteract the reactions that bacteria cause in your body and get rid of the bacteria so you don’t get sick.

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