Drink coconut water

Four reasons why you should drink more coconut water

Madonna, Gisele Bundchen or Vin Diesel – everyone loves coconut water. We have four reasons why we should all slurp out of the bowl more often.

Celebrities have been sipping coconut water on paparazzi photos for years: Rihanna, Matthew McConaughey, Demi Moore and Madonna. But why actually?

Drink coconut water
Drink coconut water

Things this coconut water can do

“Coconut water is healthy” is what they always say. Some things are true, others are nonsense. For example, it only helps to a limited extent in losing weight. Then prefer water.

Coconut water gives back important minerals

When we sweat, we excrete minerals through the skin. They want to be refilled, of course. That’s actually what this MINERAL water is for. A direct comparison of nutritional values ​​shows that it cannot keep up with coconut water.

The amniotic fluid usually contains twice as many minerals, with potassium even 250 times more! So if you sweat, you should drink coconut water in addition to plenty of water. This applies to sports, saunas and even feverish conditions. And everything else that makes you sweat. Hihi.

Fight the hangover with coconut water

Even after consuming alcohol, coconut water is the best choice. On alcohol-heavy nights you don’t necessarily sweat, but minerals are still lost: First, the body loses fluid and then various substances are withdrawn from the blood.

If it’s bad, they give you a saline solution, otherwise they say you should drink plenty of water before going to sleep. For replenishing minerals, coconut water is even better. If in doubt, also the morning after.

Coconut water, the potassium booster

Potassium – what is it and what is it good for? Potassium is an electrolyte on which muscles and nerves are particularly dependent. It is also involved in the regulation of pH and blood pressure. The body needs about two grams a day.

There are already 250 milligrams in 100 milliliters of coconut water, 350 milligrams in coconut milk and 360 milligrams in a small banana. But be careful: Much does not help much here. Too much potassium is excreted, and too much and too little potassium can lead to heart problems. After detoxification and fluid loss through vomiting or diarrhea, it is advisable to take in a little more potassium. Well then cheers.

Beats cola and juice by far

With an energy content of between 15 and 20 calories per 100 milliliters, it is sometimes significantly lower in calories than sports drinks. These have an average of at least 25 calories. Even apple spritzer has 28 calories. And so-called “wellness drinks” also have an average of 30 calories, grape juice even 60 calories.

In addition to the calories, the sugar content is also lower: Pure coconut water has about 2.6 grams. Sugar bomb Cola, on the other hand, 9 grams, the wellness drink pear and balm from Gut & Favorably 4.5 grams and the grape juice around 15 (!!) grams. But be careful: some coconut water has artificial fructose added. Then the sugar content naturally rises.

What is not there?

The coconut water market has become huge. For example, there are 15 different coconuts in Sri Lanka. In Germany, the green and the brown are popular. Then there is a yellow, a red, the King Coconut and various others.

It is now also trendy to supplement coconut water with other types of fruit or flavors. Pina Colada fans will like the pineapple varieties. It is good to look at the list of ingredients before buying so that there are no major tastes surprises later.

It gets really crazy when coconut water is combined in an unusual way, with espresso, matcha, passion fruit or whey protein, for example. Is not there? Oh but:

Last but not least, if you want that real Caribbean [1] feeling, you can slurp fruit straight from the nut . Straw in, be happy.

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