Why you can suffer more from pimples in winter

It is almost winter and the winter weather in particular brings all kinds of ailments, some more familiar than others. For example, you may not yet know that you can suffer more from pimples in the winter, especially on your chin and jawline.

The cause is quite logical. And you can certainly do something about it, so that they quickly disappear like snow in the sun.


Pimples in winter from turtlenecks and scarves

In winter, the cold weather makes your skin drier than normal and loses an important protective layer. This makes your skin more susceptible to bacteria, so you can get pimples in no time. There is also a good chance that you will get pimples in your neck, on your jaw and on your chin. That is because of those lovely warm turtlenecks and scarves that you prefer to pull over your nose on the coldest days. The warm wool is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria that come into direct contact with your face. Et voila: pimples.

Milder skin products

Recognizable problem? Fortunately, you can do something about it. Does not want to wear turtlenecks and scarves in the freezing cold to prevent breakouts? Because suffering from the cold and getting sick you will soon be much further away from home. However, according to dermatologists, it is best to use milder cleansing products for your face in the winter and choose products that do not contain alcohol. Then rub your skin with a slightly oilier cream to prevent it from drying out and thus becoming more prone to breakouts. When in doubt about a product, ask for advice at a chemist or pharmacy.

Clean well – including your neck

In addition to these precautions, it is very important to properly remove all make-up residues. Don’t forget the spots on your neck, on your jaw and chin. Because of those turtlenecks and scarves a lot of bacteria stay there in the winter. By following these tips throughout the winter, you will soon go into spring with radiant skin.

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