what your breasts tell you about your personality

Sometimes you come across studies of which you wonder how the scientist arrived at the research question. One of these is a study by the Italian sexologist Piero Lorenzoni. According to him, there are genes that influence both the shape of your breasts and your character.

Lorenzoni published a study in the German newspaper Bild in which he establishes the connection between the different shapes of the breasts and the personality of a woman. The sexologist states that you can divide female breasts into the shapes of different fruits: lemon, papaya, apple, pear, cherry, melon, nectarine and orange. He then linked certain character traits to each breast type. We will not comment on how reliable the research is. But it is funny to read.

On the basis of which fruit would you describe your breasts? This says it about your personality.



Lorenzoni describes this type as small and symmetrical. Women with ‘lemons’ would often be elegant and intelligent, according to the sexologist. They are emotionally balanced and like to rest. In addition, they are said to have a good dose of self-mockery.


Do you have large, saggy breasts? Then according to Lorenzoni you are a superwoman. This type of woman is described by him as purposeful and independent. You think carefully before you say or do anything and you stay calm at all times. In short, you are always in control. Women with ‘papaya breasts’ are therefore good leaders, according to the Italian.


Small breasts that hang a bit and whose nipples point out a little, can be compared to an apple, according to the sexologist. This shape would be a sign that you are an independent and adventurous person. You are a free thinker; you prefer to do what you want and you like spontaneous actions.


Pear-shaped breasts the Italian describes as triangular breasts that hang slightly. They face out and have large nipples. According to him, this often goes together with feminine and sensual women with a strong personality. If you have these types of breasts, you are open and you always try to improve yourself. Women with pear-shaped breasts are also optimistic and have a good sense of humor, according to the Italian sexologist.


Do you have forward-facing breasts that are a bit further apart? Then Lorenzoni would classify you in the ‘ cherries ‘ category. And as fiery as the color of this fruit is, according to the researcher, the character of these women is just as passionate. He describes you as passionate and brave. When you have this type of breast, you are not afraid to face challenges and you are good at making decisions. You are spontaneous and cheerful and a real pacemaker.


When you have a problem, according to Lorenzoni it is best to knock on the door of women with large er… melons. Women with this type of round breasts and straight forward nipples are friendly and reliable, says the sexologist. They often put themselves aside to help others. They also function well as a mediator. They are great at creating harmony and can therefore resolve any conflict. Due to their generous and caring nature, they quickly put others at ease.


Small, drooping breasts with large nipples are described by the sexologist as nectarines. According to him, this type characterizes the wise woman. Not only is she sensible, but she also loves to learn new things. According to Lorenzoni, these women do everything they can to keep the peace. It is not surprising that they are not so good at dealing with drama. According to him, they will do everything they can to please others.


Do you have medium-sized, round breasts that point out a little? Then you have two oranges at your doorstep. Oranges characterize everyone’s friend. Women with this type of breasts are sincere and accommodating, according to the Italian. Do you recognize yourself in this type? Then there is a good chance that you can get along well with almost everyone, partly because you have a lot of knowledge of people.

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