Low blood sugar

10 striking symptoms of low blood sugar

Low blood sugar: we all suffer from it when we have not eaten for too long. It ‘s not that bad that you get a little hungry between meals, but if your blood sugar level is too low at other times, it can indicate an underlying condition.

Your blood sugar tells you how much glucose is in your blood at that moment and is important for your health. It gives you energy and ensures that your muscles and brain work properly. Not surprising, therefore, that you soon notice when it is a bit too low. These ten striking symptoms can indicate low blood sugar:

Low blood sugar
Low blood sugar

1. Irritation and / or nervousness

If you suffer from low blood sugar, you may experience nervousness or irritation. This is caused by a shortage of glucose in your brain, which causes your brain to produce a lot of adrenaline. This adrenaline causes your liver to produce more glucose, but it can also make you irritated or nervous in the meantime. If your colleague’s typing or your roommate’s breathing suddenly gets on your nerves, it could mean it’s time for a snack.

2. Cold, pale skin

Low blood sugar also affects your skin. You may start to look a little paler if you have a dip in your blood sugar levels, and you may also feel cold. This is also caused by the extra adrenaline in your body. Since you are in a crisis mode, all blood goes to your essential organs instead of your skin.

3. Brain fog

Brain fog, also called brain fog called, can also be caused by a deficiency of glucose. Your brain needs that to function properly, so it is not surprising that you can think less well when your blood sugar level is on the low side. Poor concentration, forgetfulness or blurred vision are all part of this.

4. Dizziness

Light-headedness and dizziness can also be signs of low blood sugar. Sometimes together with fatigue and confusion, although this especially occurs when your blood sugar level is really in a dip. Do you have these complaints regularly? Then it is smart to go to the doctor. It can also indicate other conditions.

5. Sweat without effort

Do you suddenly feel conspicuously sweaty, when you actually haven’t done anything strenuous? This can also mean that your blood sugar level has dropped. These sweat attacks are usually not limited to your armpits but cover your entire body, which often gives you chills afterwards.

6. Headache

Headaches can be a symptom of many different conditions or problems, including low blood sugar. Headaches that result from this are usually a nagging headache that is mainly around your forehead. It may also be that it is more difficult to tolerate sound or light because your brain and muscles get too little glucose to function.

7. Vibrate

One of the first symptoms of low blood sugar is usually trembling hands or legs. Along with that nervous feeling, it can feel like something very serious, but often you can just fix it by eating something or drinking a sugary drink. If it often occurs or occurs while you have just eaten, it is wise to visit the doctor.

8. Fatigue

Fatigue isn’t really a surprising symptom, of course, when you consider that your brain and muscles depend on your blood sugar. This is a symptom that almost everyone who suffers from such a dip in his or her blood sugar levels gets. Without glucose, your brain doesn’t have enough energy to perform all its functions, so you get sleepy. It can take a while after dinner before you are completely fit again, because it takes a while before that level is restored.

9. Insatiable draft

Because your body really needs food when the blood sugar level is too low, you can really get insatiable appetite. Due to the extra adrenaline that your brain produces, your liver ensures that some extra glucose enters your blood. So to replenish that glucose, you get that extra appetite. Eating usually helps to get your blood sugar back up a bit, so it’s best to give in to those cravings .

10. Palpitations

Do you feel that your heart is almost pounding out of your chest? In that case too low blood sugar can be the culprit. The extra adrenaline that is released can make your heart beat faster and you can suffer from annoying palpitations. It feels very scary and unpleasant, but usually it will soon pass when you have eaten something. Because these symptoms can also indicate a heart condition , it is smart to always see a specialist.

To the doctor

Do you regularly suffer from (some of) these annoying symptoms? Then it is wise to go to the doctor. Although low blood sugar does not always indicate something serious, it can be a sign of diabetes or hormonal abnormalities. Certain medications, an abnormal diet or stress can also cause a low blood sugar level. By calling the bell in time, you can investigate, together with the doctor or specialist, what is causing you. 

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