Difficulty having an orgasm? This is the solution


Having an orgasm is a recognizable problem for many women. This can have several causes. Although having an orgasm is of course not a must for a pleasant lovemaking, it can give you a very pleasant and relaxed feeling.

There are a number of things you can pay attention to if you want to reach that peak more easily and we also share the solution for women who often have difficulty reaching orgasm.



Difficulty having an orgasm can be related to fear, pain, shame, stress, medications or menopause. Getting an orgasm is not easy, but luckily you can do something about it yourself. First of all, it is important to provide sufficient arousal. Women need a little longer than men to get really aroused. Foreplay is therefore a must: start lovemaking with kissing and caressing and create a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere.


It’s easier said than done, but try to let go of control and your perfectionism in bed. Live in the here and now and enjoy what your bed partner does. If you want to come, it is important that you surrender to the feeling. Let everything come to you and try to relax. This is really the prerequisite for having an orgasm. Keep in mind your pelvic floor muscles, the muscle group that encircles the bottom of the pelvis. Try to keep these under control, because tightening them can interfere with sex.


In order to reach a climax, it is of course also important that the stimulation is good. Whether through a penis, a hand, the mouth or a toy : every woman has different wishes and a different sensitivity. It is therefore important that as a woman you know what you like yourself. So give yourself time to masturbate and discover your body.

Benefits of masturbating

By masturbating you really get to know your own body. Think of it as a pleasant and quiet moment for yourself. By discovering places that you like, you can also indicate this better during lovemaking. In addition, an orgasm even has a number of benefits for your health. Such a peak appears to be good for your heart, it ensures a lower blood pressure, it works against headaches and you experience less stress.

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